Definition updated on November 2023

What is the purpose of the SNKRS Stash feature in sneaker drops?

"SNKRS Stash" is a compelling and engaging feature found in the Nike SNKRS app, which is referred to in the dynamic world of the shoe industry. With the help of hints, users can use this feature's location-based treasure hunt-style experience to find new shoe releases that have been concealed at specific physical locations. Sneaker fans interact with the app, hunting down hints and hints to reveal the chance to buy limited-edition footwear. SNKRS Stash enhances the pleasure of sneaker hunting by fusing online interaction with outside exploration, giving users a compelling and engaging experience. The SNKRS Stash feature has emerged as a novel approach for enthusiasts to engage with highly anticipated footwear releases while taking part in an entertaining and interactive journey as the sneaker community embraces technology and innovation.

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