Centralize your contacts & companies in one place

Associate records (sales, listings...) to your contacts & companies
Build stronger relationships with key insights
Organize all customer and supplier information
Centralize your contacts & companies in one place
Efficient contact management

Efficient contact management

Our CRM for Contacts & Companies makes it easy to store, access, and manage all your key business contacts in one place, enabling better relationships and streamlined operations.

Keep detailed records of interactions and transactions

Associate your listings, sales and packages to your CRM records

Get accurate performance insights on each supplier

Build strengthen relationships and loyalty

Create lasting relationships with customers and suppliers by leveraging our CRM's detailed insights. Export/import your records on the fly and use this data in tertiary marketing tools for communications, enrichment, and more.

Manage supplier relations to ensure timely inventory updates

Export/import your records effortlesly

Track the activity of your items on your suppliers' pages

Build strengthen relationships and loyalty

Everything you need to start, scale and operate your reselling business

Streamline your reselling inventory management with our all-in-one solution.

Manage your items

Track, analyze, and optimize your reselling inventory effortlessly.

Automate your business

Leverage data-driven insights to make informed business decisions.

Optimize your revenue

Stay on top of your inventory game with real-time updates and cross-listing integrations.

Start your reselling adventure

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