Retailed Size Chart & Guide on Shopify!

Retailed Size Chart & Guide on Shopify!

Retailed is proud to announce the launch of its first Shopify application, Retailed Size Chart & Guide. This innovative tool is designed to empower Shopify merchants to reduce product returns and increase sales conversions by providing dynamic, customizable size guides directly on their product pages.

Key Features of Retailed Size Chart & Guide

  • Dynamic Content : Utilize meta objects and metafields for live, up-to-date size information.
  • Drag-and-Drop Customization : Easily adjust size guides with a user-friendly interface.
  • Full Theme Editor Compatibility : Seamless integration with Shopify's theme editor.
  • Rich Content Support : Guides with tables, images, videos, and tabs to suit diverse product needs.
  • Flexible Display Options : Tailor the presentation of size guides to match your brand’s style.

Retailed Size Chart & Guide is now available with a free plan, allowing merchants to maintain up to two active size guides with basic customization options. For advanced features like unlimited size guides, enhanced support, and removal of watermarks, merchants can opt for the Pro plan at just $5.99 per month.

About Retailed

Founded in 2021, Retailed is committed to developing tools that simplify and enhance the e-commerce experience for both merchants and consumers. "Retailed Size Chart & Guide" is the first application launched by the company, with more innovative solutions anticipated in the future.