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Updated on November 2023
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How does StockX fees works?

First, StockX has a recurring Payment Processing Fee of 3% that will occur on every transaction.

Then the StockX Seller Program delineates distinct tiers for sellers, delineating performance benchmarks. Superior performance yields reduced seller fees, fostering a more robust and dependable marketplace.

Hierarchy and Thresholds

Seller level

Quarterly Sales Required

Quarterly Sales ($) Required

Base Transaction Fee

Level 1


$1,500 (USD)


Level 2

12$1,500 (USD)


Level 3


$5,000 (USD)


Level 4


$25,000 (USD)


Level 5


$100,000 (USD)


Here are the special item categories:

Item categoryTransaction fee (%)Specifications
Watches9.9%No specific conditions.
Handbags14.5%No specific conditions.

Operational Mechanics

This tier system is calibrated based on your commercial footprint - the aggregate of sales completed or the total fiscal value in USD on StockX. This assessment is reset at the culmination of each calendar quarter.

Temporal Divisions

  • First Quarter: January 1 - March 31
  • Second Quarter: April 1 - June 30
  • Third Quarter: July 1 - September 30
  • Fourth Quarter: October 1 - December 31

Completion Criteria

A sale reaches fruition post the item's successful navigation through StockX’s verification crucible and the subsequent compensation of the seller. A pragmatic guideline suggests a 3 business days window for the item's arrival and verification at StockX.

StockX diligently monitors seller activities, enabling progression through levels and immediate access to corresponding privileges. These privileges extend through the current and subsequent calendar quarters.

Incentives for Seller Performance

Post ascension to Level 3, sellers can vie for an additional 2.0% deduction in fees via consistent monthly performance.

  • Successful Ship Bonus: Dispatch at least 95% of the current month's sales punctually to avail a 1.0% reduction in seller fees for the ensuing month.
  • Quick Ship Bonus: Expedite 80% or more of the month's sales within 36 hours of sale completion to secure an additional 1.0% fee reduction for the next month.

Eligibility for one or both bonuses is appraised on the 1st of each month, based on the preceding month's performance. Qualifying benefits are applicable throughout the subsequent month.

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