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How does Cardmarket's fees works?

Cardmarket offers a robust platform for buying and selling trading cards, and understanding its fee structure is essential for both private and professional users. This guide provides an overview of Cardmarket's fees and explains how to effectively use the online fee calculator to estimate costs and revenues.

User Account Fees

Cardmarket does not charge any fees for opening or closing an account, allowing users to manage their accounts without financial implications.

Credit Fees

  • Deferred Credit: No fees are applied for deferred credits, which is the standard method for adding funds to your account without immediate transaction necessity.
  • Instant Credit: For users needing immediate credit availability, a fee of €0.35 plus 5% of the transfer amount is charged. This is crucial for users who want to immediately buy cards without waiting for standard processing times.

Withdrawal Fees

  • Withdrawals in Euros (€): There are no fees charged for withdrawing funds in Euros, making it cost-effective for users within the Eurozone.
  • Withdrawals in Pounds (£): A fee of £0.32 is applied to each withdrawal made in British Pounds, important for UK users to consider in their financial planning.

Buying and Selling Fees

  • Buying: Cardmarket does not charge any fees for purchasing cards, which encourages trading and collecting without extra costs.
  • Trustee Service: Depending on the shipping method selected, fees range from 0.5% to 1% of the total article value. This service ensures transaction security, particularly for higher-value trades.
  • Selling: Sellers incur a fee of 5% of the article value per article sold, with a maximum cap of €100/£ per article. This fee is significant for sellers as it affects the net revenue from sales.

Currency Conversion Fee

A fee of 3% is applied for transactions involving currency conversion. This fee is particularly relevant for users trading across different currencies, adding an extra cost to international transactions.

How to use the Cardmarket fee calculator?

Our online fee calculator has been optimized for ease of use, providing real-time calculations as you enter data. This tool is designed to help Cardmarket users quickly understand the fees associated with various transactions and to see the net amount they can expect from each transaction. Here's a streamlined guide on how to utilize this updated calculator effectively:

Enter Transaction Details:

  1. Transaction Amount: Enter the monetary value of your transaction. This could be the sale price of a card, the amount for instant credit, or any other transaction value.
  2. Transaction Type: Choose the type of transaction from the dropdown menu. The available options are Instant Credit, Trustee Service, Selling, and Currency Conversion, each influencing the fee calculations based on specific rules.
  3. Select Currency: Determine the currency in which you'd like the transaction to be calculated (options include EUR, USD, GBP). This is critical for ensuring that the calculations reflect the currency applicable to your transaction, especially for accuracy in currency conversion fees.

Review the Calculated Fees:

  1. Total Fee Display: The calculator shows the total fee based on the transaction type and the amount entered. For example, sales transactions will calculate a fee capped at 100 EUR/GBP, whereas instant credit includes both a fixed fee and a percentage of the transferred amount.
  2. Net Amount Display: This is the amount you will receive or pay after all fees are deducted, giving you a clear understanding of the financial outcome of the transaction.

This updated calculator is an indispensable tool for all Cardmarket users, designed to provide instant financial insights that help you make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Whether you are buying, selling, or managing credits, the calculator simplifies the complexity of transaction fees, making your online trading experience smoother and more predictable.

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