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Updated on November 2023
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How does Vinted fees works?

Vinted has some pretty simple fixed commission for each article sold.

Putting an article online is basically free, but when it comes to selling an article, Vinted collects a commission of 5% per article + 0,70, which will be paid by the buyer.

Buyer Protection Services

Vinted charges fees for Buyer Protection Services, which include secure payments, refund policy, and customer support. The fees are calculated differently based on the order value:

  • For orders under €500: A fixed fee of 0,70€ plus a percentage of 5% on the item's price (including VAT).
  • For orders €500 and above: A 2% percentage of the item's price (including VAT).
Note: VAT inclusion varies based on whether the buyer is a consumer or a professional user.

Visit Vinted's official website for more information.

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