Your reselling inventory management tool

Manage customer info, sales, and listings in one place
Monitor and analyze your business data for smart decisions
Optimize online presence and track shipments easily

Centralize your contacts & companies in one place

Store and manage all your customer and supplier info in our CRM, tailored for the unique needs of resellers.

Associate records (sales, listings...) to your contacts & companies

Build stronger relationships with key insights

Organize all customer and supplier information

Easily monitor your reselling business performance

Monitor your reselling business performance with our Analytics Dashboard, driving data-driven decisions.

Analyze sales, inventory, and customer data

Make informed decisions with comprehensive analytics

Identify trends to capitalize on market opportunities

Maximize your listings efficiency across marketplaces

Keep track of where your items are listed and optimize your online presence, tailored for resellers.

Record and monitor listings across all platforms

Adjust listings based on performance analytics

Enhance visibility and reach for your items

Real-time tracking for all your parcels

Track all your incoming and outgoing parcels in one place, designed for the dynamic needs of resellers.

Monitor every incoming and outgoing shipment

Stay updated with automatic delivery alerts

Manage returns and exchanges with ease

Effortless reselling inventory & sales tracking

Streamline inventory and sales tracking with our reselling management dashboard, designed for resellers of sneakers, watches, and collectibles.

Effortlessly manage stock levels in real-time

Gain insights into sales trends and performance

Coordinate your inventory across multiple channels

Automate your inventory thanks to email notifications

Dynamically update your inventory with our Email Hub, streamlining marketplaces communication for sneaker, streetwear and collectible resellers.

Sync your stock levels with email notifications

Streamline supplier and customer communications

Enhance efficiency with automated email workflows

Streamline your expenses & subscriptions tracking

Effortlessly track all your business expenses and subscriptions, ensuring optimal financial management.

Accurately categorize and monitor all expenses

Keep tabs on subscriptions and recurring payments

Gain insights to optimize your budget and savings

Expand your reach with public inventory sharing

Share your reselling inventory with the world using our Public Inventory Sharing feature, designed for maximum visibility.

Showcase your inventory to a wider audience easily

Enhance your brand visibility and attract more buyers

Share inventory updates in real-time with potential customers


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What types of products or items am I able to manage?

At Retailed, we understand the diverse and dynamic nature of the reselling market, which is why our platform is designed to cater to a wide range of reselling niches. Whether you are passionate about the latest sneaker drops, have an eye for rare streetwear finds, are a connoisseur of luxury watches, or love the thrill of discovering and trading collectibles, Retailed is the perfect tool for you. Our platform is not limited to these categories; we support resellers across any product niche you can imagine.

What's a sneaker database?

A database for sneakers is a database management system that stores information on different sneaker models, their prices and their availability in different sizes and colors.If you want to know more about it, check out our dedicated page "what is a sneaker database". We also have exclusive API offers available for businesses wanting to access our sneaker database.

Are you currently hiring?

Yes, if you're interested in joining the team, send us a message on Discord! We'll be glad to chat with you.

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