Reselling inventory tool & data provider for resellers

Streamline inventory management, leverage our tailored e-commerce solutions, and access comprehensive datasets and APIs for the retail and resale industry.

Everything you need to start, scale and operate your reselling business

Streamline your reselling inventory management with our all-in-one solution.

Manage your items

Track, analyze, and optimize your sneaker inventory effortlessly.

Automate your business

Stay on top of your sneaker inventory with real-time updates.

Optimize your revenue

Leverage data-driven insights to make informed inventory decisions.

Centralize your contacts & companies in one place

Store and manage all your customer and supplier info in our CRM, tailored for the unique needs of resellers.

Associate records (sales, listings...) to your contacts & companies

Build stronger relationships with key insights

Organize all customer and supplier information

Easily monitor your reselling business performance

Monitor your reselling business performance with our Analytics Dashboard, driving data-driven decisions.

Analyze sales, inventory, and customer data

Make informed decisions with comprehensive analytics

Identify trends to capitalize on market opportunities

Maximize your listings efficiency across marketplaces

Keep track of where your items are listed and optimize your online presence, tailored for resellers.

Record and monitor listings across all platforms

Adjust listings based on performance analytics

Enhance visibility and reach for your items

Real-time tracking for all your parcels

Track all your incoming and outgoing parcels in one place, designed for the dynamic needs of resellers.

Monitor every incoming and outgoing shipment

Stay updated with automatic delivery alerts

Manage returns and exchanges with ease

In need of retail and resale industries data?

Fresh, clean, and parsed data API endpoints
CSV, JSON, and other formats datasets
Flexible data delivery options

Get data from known marketplaces

Gather thousands of items thanks to our database and live API endpoints connected to marketplaces such as StockX, Chrono24, GOAT, and more...

API crawlers for +30 marketplaces

Up to date prices on +3,000,000 product variants

Dynamic SKU & UPC relations

Worldwide sizing data (EU, UK, US...)

Find thousands of items thanks to our datasets

Gather thousands of items thanks to our private databases (sneakers, streetwear, watches...) and populate your shop.

Flexible delivery frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly and custom.)

Fresh product data on +1,000,000 items worldwide

Tailored file format (JSON, CSV, XLXS and more...)

Custom datasets service New

We're revolutionizing retail and resale with innovative solutions

Master dynamic pricing for optimal market positioning
Monitor competitor prices to maintain competitive edge
Enhance product listings with accurate UPC, SKU, and EAN matching

Dynamic pricing: unlocking sales and growth

Dynamic pricing adapts to market demand, competitor prices, and inventory levels to maximize sales and profit margins. Perfect for industries like fashion, electronics, and more, it ensures your pricing strategy remains competitive and responsive.

Adjust prices in real time for maximum profitability

Analyze competitors and market trends for strategic pricing

Implement across various markets for tailored success

Price monitoring: essential market insights

Stay ahead of the competition with real-time insights into pricing trends. Our price monitoring solutions offer deep market analysis, enabling informed decision-making and strategic adjustments across all platforms and markets.

Gain actionable insights with comprehensive price tracking

Leverage market data for informed pricing strategies

Optimize pricing across industries for competitive advantage

"With Retailed’s product insights, we've optimized our prices and increased sales by 20%!"


E-commerce Manager

"Their competitor analysis tool has given us an edge over other retailers. Retailed's insights are top-notch."


Brand Analyst

"We used Retailed's sentiment analysis for market trends, and it's spot on! It's a great tool for our strategies."


Marketing Director

UPC, SKU, and EAN matching: enhancing product visibility

Our extensive database supports accurate product matching, crucial for platforms like Google and Bing Shopping. Enhance your listings with correct identifiers to improve search engine indexing and customer reach.

Access over a million product references for accurate listing

Improve product visibility on major shopping platforms

Simplify product identification with easy API access

Seamless integration and support

Our solutions are designed for easy integration with your existing e-commerce ecosystem, offering scalable and customizable options to fit your business needs. From dynamic pricing to UPC matching, enhance your retail strategy with expert support.

Plug-and-play solutions for immediate impact

Customized implementation for unique business requirements

Comprehensive support for dynamic pricing and product matching

Prepackaged solutions

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