Shopify Size Charts

Maximize your Shopify store's potential with a customizable size chart app that enhances customer satisfaction and reduces returns.

Tailor to your brand's aesthetic with OS2.0 components
Seamless integration with the latest Shopify themes
Analytics on users behaviors & shopping patterns

Simplify shopping with intuitive size charts

Our app introduces an intuitive solution, making it easier for customers to find their perfect fit. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also significantly reduces the rate of returns due to size issues.

Easy-to-understand visuals for all products

Convert sizes across global standards

Customizable templates for a unique look

Optimize your Shopify store for global audiences

Expand your reach with a size chart that caters to a global audience. Our app automatically converts size charts to local measurements, making your products accessible and understandable, regardless of where your customers are shopping from.

Automatic unit conversion for international shoppers

Multi-language support for wider accessibility

Increase global customer satisfaction and loyalty

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"I have just started using this app and I am truly liking it. "
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"Really easy to use app, would recommend for sure."
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Get better sales and lower return rates with our Shopify size guide