VC – Vendor Central

Definition updated on November 2023

What is VC (Vendor Central) and how does it relate to Amazon's vendor management platform?

An invitation-only platform provided by Amazon where manufacturers and distributors can sell their products directly to Amazon. Instead of selling to the end consumer, as is done on Amazon's Seller Central, those on Vendor Central are essentially selling their inventory to Amazon in bulk. Amazon then takes over the pricing, promotion, and shipping of these products to the end consumer. In the sneaker reselling sphere, if a reseller or distributor has access to Vendor Central, they are supplying sneakers in larger quantities directly to Amazon. This model might be preferable for some because it can offer consistent, large volume sales. However, there are trade-offs: control over pricing and direct customer engagement are typically sacrificed. It's essential to differentiate between Vendor Central and other Amazon platforms, as the terms of business, responsibilities, and benefits vary. For example, products coming from Vendor Central might be listed as "Ships from and sold by Amazon," giving a trust factor for many consumers. This trust can be crucial for sneaker enthusiasts, who are often wary of counterfeit products. In essence, Vendor Central allows for a streamlined, bulk sales process to Amazon, ensuring a broad audience reach through one of the world's largest online marketplaces.

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