WS - Wholesale

Definition updated on November 2023

What is the meaning of WS (Wholesale) and how does it relate to product distribution?

The practice of buying goods in large quantities from manufacturers or distributors at a lower price per unit, then reselling them in smaller quantities at a higher price. In the sneaker reselling context, wholesale often refers to purchasing large volumes of sneakers from brands, manufacturers, or distributors at a discounted rate. By buying in bulk, the reseller can secure a lower cost per sneaker, which allows them to potentially achieve a higher profit margin when reselling each pair to individual customers. However, wholesaling typically requires a significant upfront investment because of the bulk purchase. This model is different from the traditional retail method where products are bought at wholesale prices and then sold individually to end consumers at marked-up retail prices. For sneaker resellers, entering into wholesale deals can be a way to ensure a steady supply of sought-after sneaker models. It's crucial, however, to gauge demand accurately, as purchasing large quantities poses the risk of being left with unsold inventory. Wholesaling can also refer to resellers who act as intermediaries, buying bulk quantities of sneakers and then selling them in smaller batches to other resellers or boutique stores. In essence, the wholesale method focuses on volume sales and the price advantages gained from bulk purchasing, allowing for potentially significant profits in the sneaker reselling market.

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