VA – Virtual Assistant

Definition updated on November 2023

What is a VA (Virtual Assistant) and how do they support various tasks and operations?

An individual who provides support services to businesses, entrepreneurs, or professionals from a remote location. This can be done through various online platforms, software, and tools. In the context of sneaker reselling, a Virtual Assistant can handle tasks such as listing products online, managing customer inquiries, handling returns, and even researching current market prices or trends for specific sneaker models. They are typically hired by resellers who either have a high volume of transactions, wish to free up their time for other aspects of their business, or need specialized tasks completed that they may not be familiar with. VA's can be located anywhere in the world and are often hired based on their specific skill set, experience, and the needs of the reseller. For example, a VA with expertise in social media might help promote limited edition sneaker drops on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, while another VA might specialize in data analysis, observing which sneakers are gaining traction in the market. By leveraging the skills of a Virtual Assistant, sneaker resellers can optimize their operations, ensuring they remain competitive and efficient in a fast-paced and dynamic market. Utilizing a VA allows for greater flexibility, cost-saving (compared to hiring full-time staff), and access to a diverse range of skills and expertise.

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