PED – Prime Exclusive Discount

Definition updated on November 2023

What is a PED (Prime Exclusive Discount) and how does it benefit Amazon Prime members?

The Prime Exclusive Discount (PED) is a promotional feature offered by Amazon to its Prime members. It provides eligible Prime members with exclusive discounts on selected products. Sellers can offer these special discounts to attract more attention to their products and potentially boost sales. In the context of the sneaker resell market, PED can play a pivotal role. When a sneaker is available on Amazon and is eligible for a PED, Prime members might be able to purchase it at a reduced price compared to non-Prime members. For resellers, this can present an opportunity. By leveraging these discounts, they can acquire inventory at a lower cost and potentially increase profit margins when reselling these sneakers on other platforms or channels. However, it's crucial to be aware of the competition and market dynamics, as many resellers might have the same strategy, leading to potential oversaturation or price wars. Buyers, especially those who are Prime members, benefit from PEDs as they can get desirable sneakers at discounted rates. This feature enhances the value proposition of the Amazon Prime membership, especially for sneaker enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for deals. In summary, the PED is a strategic tool in the e-commerce world, and in the realm of sneaker reselling, it can influence purchasing decisions, pricing strategies, and overall market dynamics.

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