WL – White Label

Definition updated on November 2023

What is WL (White Label) and how does it apply to products and branding?

A product or service produced by one company but rebranded and sold under another company's brand name. Essentially, the original manufacturer creates a generic product without branding, allowing other businesses to customize and brand it as their own. In the sneaker reselling world, White Label can refer to services or software platforms that resellers use to manage their operations. For example, a sneaker reseller might use a white label e-commerce platform to set up their online store. This platform is generic at its core, but the reseller can customize its appearance, functionality, and branding to make it look unique to their business. The benefit of white label products or services is that they allow businesses to offer something without having to invest time and resources in creating it from scratch. Instead, they can leverage pre-existing solutions and put their unique spin on them. In the context of sneakers, it might also refer to generic shoe designs that are branded and customized by individual companies or designers. Using white label services or products can save time, reduce costs, and allow businesses, including sneaker resellers, to focus on their core strengths like marketing, customer service, and product curation, while relying on white label solutions for backend operations or other specific needs.

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