SFP – Seller Fulfilled Prime

Definition updated on November 2023

What is SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) and how does it allow sellers to offer Prime benefits?

Seller Fulfilled Prime, abbreviated as SFP, refers to a program on Amazon where sellers can offer their products with the coveted "Prime" badge but fulfill the orders themselves, instead of using Amazon's warehouses. This means that while the products are not stored at Amazon's fulfillment centers, they still qualify for Prime 2-day shipping. To be part of the SFP program, sellers must meet rigorous performance metrics set by Amazon, ensuring that they can consistently deliver on the promises of the Prime service. This includes having high on-time delivery rates and low order defect rates. Participating in SFP allows sneaker resellers to maintain control over their inventory, avoid some storage fees associated with Amazon's warehouses, and capitalize on the trust and loyalty associated with the Prime label. However, it also means they take on the responsibility of quick and efficient shipping, adhering to Amazon's strict guidelines. In the sneaker resale world, where condition and authenticity are paramount, having control over shipping and handling can be a major advantage. Yet, the responsibility of ensuring quick delivery falls squarely on the seller's shoulders, making it a program best suited for sellers with a reliable fulfillment process in place.

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