KB – Knowledge Base

Definition updated on November 2023

What does KB (Knowledge Base) refer to and how is it used for information management?

A Knowledge Base (often abbreviated as KB) is a centralized database or repository that contains information, articles, guidelines, FAQs, and other types of documentation. It's designed to assist users or customers by providing answers to common questions or solutions to known issues. In many industries, including sneaker reselling, a KB can be an invaluable resource. For sneaker resellers, a KB might contain details about specific sneaker models, authentication methods, reselling platforms' policies, or market trends. This database helps newcomers and seasoned resellers alike to quickly find information without having to seek external help. For instance, if a reseller is unsure about the authenticity of a sneaker, they might refer to a KB to look up specific identification markers for that model. Alternatively, they could use it to understand how a specific reselling platform's fee structure works. In essence, a Knowledge Base offers a structured and searchable collection of information, making it easier for users to find and consume relevant content. By utilizing a KB, sneaker resellers can improve their efficiency, reduce mistakes, and elevate their expertise in the field.

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