FCA – Free Carrier

Definition updated on November 2023

What does FCA (Free Carrier) indicate in international shipping and delivery terms?

An international trade term that refers to an agreement where the seller of goods, such as sneakers, fulfills their obligation once they hand over the goods, cleared for export, to a carrier nominated by the buyer at a named place. This term is versatile as it can be used irrespective of the mode of transport, including multi-modal transport (e.g., road and then sea). In a sneaker reselling context, if a deal is made on "FCA terms", it means that the seller is responsible for all costs, risks, and tasks up to the point where the sneakers are handed over to the carrier. Once the sneakers are with the carrier, all further costs and risks transfer to the buyer. The seller doesn't need to load the goods on the vehicle provided by the carrier unless otherwise agreed. The buyer, on the other hand, must pay any additional costs and bear the risks of carrying the sneakers from the agreed point. As a sneaker reseller, understanding FCA is vital when engaging in international transactions to ensure clarity on responsibilities and avoid potential disputes. For any sneaker deal under FCA terms, it's essential to specify the exact point at which delivery is made and risks transfer, such as the specific warehouse or location.

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