NAFN – North American Fulfillment Network

Definition updated on November 2023

What is NAFN (North American Fulfillment Network) and how does it support Amazon sellers?

The North American Fulfillment Network (NAFN) refers to a network of warehouses and fulfillment centers situated across North America, specifically in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, which facilitate the storage, handling, and shipping of products for sellers, including sneaker resellers. This network aims to provide businesses with efficient distribution solutions, ensuring that products reach customers in the shortest time possible and in the best condition. For sneaker resellers, leveraging the NAFN means they can store their inventory strategically across various locations in North America. When a customer places an order, the sneaker can be shipped from the nearest fulfillment center, ensuring quicker delivery times and reducing shipping costs. This is especially beneficial for limited-release sneakers, where timely delivery can enhance customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Moreover, by using the NAFN, sneaker resellers can tap into a larger customer base across North America without the complexities of managing multiple storage facilities. The network streamlines inventory management, order processing, and returns, allowing resellers to focus on sourcing, marketing, and customer relationships. In essence, the North American Fulfillment Network provides a robust infrastructure for sneaker resellers aiming to operate efficiently and competitively in the vast and diverse North American market. It offers a balance between local reach and expansive coverage, ensuring products are always close to the end consumer.

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