Definition updated on November 2023

Meaning of LEO (Nike SNKRS Drop)

LEO, or Limited Entry Opportunity, is a term used by Nike to refer to a specific type of release on their SNKRS app. These releases typically have a limited number of pairs available and a limited window of time in which to purchase them. To participate in a LEO release, users must sign up in advance within a specific time period. Once the registration period closes, a random selection of participants will be chosen to purchase the sneakers. The process of purchasing a LEO release is similar to a standard SNKRS release, in which customers provide their shipping address, payment method, and preferred size before clicking the buy button. However, due to the limited nature of LEO releases, the chances of getting a pair are generally considered lower than a standard release. LEO releases are often sought-after by sneaker enthusiasts, as they are often exclusive, rare, or highly-coveted sneakers.

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