Bulk pricing

Definition updated on November 2023

What does bulk pricing represent and how is it applied in sales?

Bulk pricing refers to the practice of offering a lower price per unit when a buyer purchases a larger quantity of an item. In the sneaker resell market, this means that a seller may offer a discount on the price of each pair of sneakers if the buyer purchases multiple pairs at once. This pricing strategy is often used by sellers to incentivize buyers to purchase more items, and by buyers to reduce the overall cost per pair of sneakers. For example, a seller may offer a pair of sneakers for $200, but if the buyer purchases 5 pairs, the price per pair may be reduced to $180. This benefits the buyer as they save money on each pair, and benefits the seller as they are able to sell more inventory at once. Bulk pricing can be particularly advantageous in the sneaker resell market as many buyers are looking to purchase multiple pairs of sneakers for their collection or to resell them at a higher price. It's important for beginners in the sneaker resell market to be aware of bulk pricing as it can be a useful strategy to negotiate better deals and maximize profits. However, it is also important to carefully calculate the potential profit margin and consider the demand for the sneakers before purchasing in bulk, as it may result in holding onto inventory that is difficult to sell.

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