BSR – Best Sellers Rank

Definition updated on November 2023

What is BSR (Best Sellers Rank) and how is it used to measure product popularity on Amazon?

A ranking system used by Amazon to display how well a particular product is selling in its category compared to other items. It's an indication of a product's sales popularity on the platform. The BSR is updated hourly based on recent and historical sales data of a product. A lower BSR number signifies that the product is selling better than others in its category, while a higher number means it's not selling as well. For example, a sneaker with a BSR of #1 in its category is currently the best-selling sneaker in that category on Amazon. For sneaker resellers who list products on Amazon, monitoring the BSR can provide insights into market demand, sales velocity, and the competitive landscape. A consistently low BSR indicates that a sneaker model or brand is in high demand and sells frequently, which could mean it's a good item to stock up on. Conversely, a high BSR might suggest that the sneaker isn't as popular or that there's significant competition. However, it's important to note that BSR reflects sales volume on Amazon, not necessarily profitability or overall market trends. Resellers should consider BSR as one of many tools to gauge product performance and not rely solely on it for making inventory decisions.

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