EOD – End of Day

Definition updated on November 2023

What does EOD (End of Day) mean in business and operations?

Refers to the conclusion of a business day or the specific cut-off point within a 24-hour cycle, marking the end of a particular activity or process. In the context of sneaker reselling, EOD can have multiple applications. For online sneaker sales platforms or websites, EOD might indicate the time when daily sales are calculated, orders are finalized, or when daily reports are generated. For physical sneaker shops or pop-ups, EOD often refers to the time when the store closes, sales are tallied, and daily cash-outs occur. Shipping and logistics also utilize EOD: many courier services have an "EOD" cut-off time, signaling the last moment one can send a package for it to be processed that same day. This is especially important for sneaker resellers ensuring timely delivery to their customers. Any orders received after the EOD might be processed the next business day. As sneaker drops or releases can create significant customer demand, understanding and managing EOD deadlines efficiently can enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations. For sneaker resellers, punctuality and keeping promises to customers are paramount, making EOD a critical benchmark in daily operations. It provides a structured time frame, ensuring that business activities for that day are wrapped up systematically and efficiently.

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