BOGO – Buy-One, Get-One

Definition updated on November 2023

What does BOGO (Buy-One, Get-One) mean in sales and promotions?

A popular promotional sales tactic where consumers who buy one product are offered another product for free or at a significant discount. Often seen in retail environments, BOGO deals are designed to encourage customers to purchase more items, thereby increasing the overall sales volume for the seller. In the context of the sneaker industry, a BOGO deal might be offered by retailers or brands looking to move inventory quickly, introduce a new product, or attract customers to their store or website. For example, a sneaker store might run a BOGO deal where if a customer buys one pair of sneakers, they get a second pair at half price or even free. For sneaker resellers, BOGO deals can be both an opportunity and a challenge. On the opportunity side, resellers might be able to source inventory at a lower cost per unit when buying from retailers offering BOGO deals. On the challenge side, if resellers offer BOGO deals themselves, they need to ensure they're still making a profit and not devaluing their inventory. The effectiveness of BOGO promotions depends on factors like the perceived value of the product, the target audience, and market demand. It's essential for sneaker resellers to understand the potential benefits and pitfalls of such promotions and use them strategically.

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