Advertised price

Definition updated on November 2023

What is the meaning of advertised price in the context of product pricing?

The advertised price refers to the amount at which a seller promotes a pair of sneakers for sale. It is the price that a seller advertises or lists publicly, either online or offline, and it is usually the first price that potential buyers see. This price often includes the base cost of the sneaker, along with any markup that the seller wants to add. The advertised price does not usually include any hidden costs or additional fees such as shipping, taxes, or service charges. It is essentially the initial price at which a seller offers the sneakers before any negotiations or discounts. However, the actual selling price may vary due to negotiations between the buyer and seller or if the seller decides to offer a discount or run a promotion. It's important for a beginner in the sneaker resell market to understand the difference between the advertised price and the final selling price. The advertised price is simply the starting point, and depending on various factors like the rarity of the sneaker, its condition, and demand in the market, the final selling price may be higher or lower than the initially advertised price.

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