NIS – New Item Setup

Definition updated on November 2023

What does NIS (New Item Setup) involve in introducing new products to the market?

New Item Setup (NIS) refers to the process by which a new product, such as a sneaker, is introduced and integrated into an online platform or sales system. This involves creating a detailed product listing that includes information like the sneaker's name, size, colorway, description, images, price, and any other relevant attributes. For sneaker resellers, especially those operating on online marketplaces or e-commerce platforms, NIS is a critical step. Before a sneaker can be sold to the public, its details must be accurately and compellingly presented to potential buyers. The NIS process often begins with sourcing high-quality images of the sneaker, either through photography or provided brand assets. Then, a clear and enticing product description is written, highlighting key features and selling points of the sneaker. The sneaker's specifics, such as its size range, color options, and pricing, are then entered into the system. This setup ensures that when customers search or browse, they are presented with all the necessary details to make an informed purchase. Additionally, a well-executed NIS can boost the visibility of the sneaker in search results, increase conversion rates, and enhance customer satisfaction by reducing potential confusion or misunderstandings. In essence, New Item Setup is the foundation upon which successful sneaker sales are built, ensuring products are accurately represented and easily discoverable by eager customers.

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