Bundle pricing

Definition updated on November 2023

How does bundle pricing work and what are its advantages for both sellers and buyers?

Bundle pricing is a pricing strategy where a seller combines multiple products or services together and offers them as a package deal for a single price. In the sneaker resell market, this might involve bundling together a pair of sneakers with other related items such as matching apparel, accessories, or even another pair of sneakers. This strategy is often used by sellers to create a more attractive offer and encourage buyers to purchase more items at once. For example, a seller might offer a bundle of a pair of sneakers, a matching t-shirt, and a hat for a single price of $300, whereas purchasing each item separately might cost $350. This gives the buyer a sense of getting a better deal and can be a way for the seller to move more inventory at once. Bundle pricing can also be used to sell less popular items by bundling them with more sought-after sneakers. For beginners in the sneaker resell market, bundle pricing can be a useful strategy to create more attractive offers and differentiate themselves from other sellers. However, it is important to carefully consider the items included in the bundle, as it should create value for the buyer and be competitively priced. Additionally, the cost of each item in the bundle and the overall profit margin should be carefully calculated to ensure profitability.

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