How to get rare sneakers in 2023?

How to get rare sneakers in 2023?

Looking for the Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott or a vintage pair? You can find rare sneakers in classic stores. However, there are other alternatives such as social networks. It is up to you to do your research to find the rare pearl. Looking to find rare sneakers? Discover here some elements of answer.

Find rare sneakers thanks to social networks

On social networks, you will find interesting information and likely to help you. It's a popular place for the New Balance and Nike air sneaker community to share information. Social networks are an excellent solution to acquire rare sneakers at low prices. On social pages, groups and accounts, sellers and buyers are very active.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High x Travis Scott (available on StockX)

On Facebook, there are groups of sneaker enthusiasts where you can find satisfaction. The marketplace is a real goldmine for finding rare and high quality products. The number of specialized groups is high. It is possible to carry out transactions without any fear. You just have to be careful to avoid certain traps.

Very often, the groups allow you to do Legit check and Price check. The experience and expertise of the community are assets that you can take advantage of. The legit check is very effective even if it is not infallible. It allows to test if the sneakers are authentic. Buyers can therefore avoid being scammed on the social network. The price check allows to know if the price proposed is similar or close to the one practiced at the time of the transaction.

There are several groups that can help you find rare sneakers. There is Troc sneakers which is a group of purchase, sale and exchange of sneakers and accessories. It has thousands of members. It is also a group that allows you to make Legit check to verify the authenticity of an item. There is also Sneakers troc Paris which accepts members and products outside Paris. Air Max One France has over 5,000 members.

In addition, on the Fair Price France group, there are sneakers priced under 150€. It has more than 22 000 members. You have the possibility to make good deals with this group. In addition, there are Instagram accounts of resellers that can help you find rare sneakers.

Fair Price France

Use specialized marketplaces to find rare sneakers

There are specialized sites to buy rare sneakers. You can go through StockX. It has a catalog of more than 4000 products among which there are sneakers, handbags, watches, etc. On StockX, the purchase price is composed of the selling price, service fee and shipping fee.

It is possible to regularly benefit from a discount on the platform or even from the total gratuity of the service fees. It is up to you to be careful in order to save up to 30% on the total amount of the transaction.

It is not possible to talk about rare sneakers without mentioning Flight Club. Before the advent of StockX, which is used today to determine the speculative price of a pair, it was Flight Club that was used for pricing. Today, it is a huge catalog consisting of 5,500 pairs of sneakers referenced. It has a reputation that is no longer to be made.

Klekt is a European marketplace created in 2013 in Germany in Cologne. It is a catalog of more than 5000 products such as sneakers or accessories. On this site, the purchase price is composed of the selling price, the service fee and the shipping cost. Finally, you have the possibility to go through Stadium Goods or Goat to find rare sneakers.

KLEKT website (

The market is made up of many impressive players such as these. These are platforms that offer an authentication service for the purchased products. You can also check out Kikikickz or Wethenew, two fast growing marketplaces with really good customer feedbacks and customer support quality.

Contact professional resellers

There are enthusiasts who have created their own company to resell sneakers. They have made a profession out of it. These people command respect because of their quality services. Larry Deadstock is one of the most famous resell pioneers in the territory. It is a store that is located in Paris. It offers not only the latest out-of-stock items but also rare sneakers.

Larry les bons tuyaux is a shop specialized in the purchase and the deposit-sale of new and second-hand sneakers. It is a store located near Larry Deadstock. It is possible to find quality pairs at an attractive price. You have the opportunity to get good deals. For example, on Instagram you can see daily ads of VNDS pair at incredible prices. In order to take advantage of this, you have to go to the shop. The first ones to arrive are served. So you need to be very sharp.

Instagram @larrydeadstock

Clockers is the work of a well-known personality in the world of sneakers. It is Ben Coshi who also contributed to the organization of the "Sneakers Event".

Take advantage of auctions and classified ads

You have the possibility to go through auctions and classified ads to find rare sneakers. However, you must be very careful. Indeed, with these solutions you have no guarantee on the authenticity of the sold products. In case of doubt, it would be wise to ask for additional photos. This allows you to make a legit check on the Facebook groups.

Ebay is an efficient solution to find rare sneakers. It is a famous auction site. The auction mechanism is an opportunity to get the pair of sneakers you are looking for at an impressive price. As far as Leboncoin is concerned, it remains a must for all people who are looking for a pair of sneakers. It has a lot of competition from companies.

Leboncoin website (

Thanks to the classified ads, you can start the negotiations. It is therefore possible to make very good deals and get shoes at a good price. In order to face the competition and not to spoil anything, Leboncoin has set up quality services. The user experience is very well worked out. Users can search easily and the navigation is pleasant on the platform. Leboncoin is a great time-saving solution.

In conclusion

It is not difficult to find rare sneakers. You just have to know how to make the right moves. There are several solutions to find the rare pearl. You can go through social networks. On these, there are many interesting publications. In addition, there are many groups dedicated to sneaker sales. However, you must be careful not to fall into traps and scams. Facebook and Instagram are interesting social networks that might interest you.

It is also possible to go through the marketplaces. They are available in large numbers and offer quality services. These include StockX, Flight Club or Klekt. They allow you to find both new and used sneakers. In addition, there are professional resellers who offer stores with quality products. You can find everything you are looking for. Finally, auctions and classified ads are interesting solutions to find a rare sneaker collection. There are sites like Leboncoin and Ebay known for their quality items. It's up to you to make the right choice to get a pair that is quite sought after in hip hop or otherwise.