How to sell on Wethenew

How to sell on Wethenew

To maximize profits, it's important to sell your sneakers on multiple platforms to optimize sales. That's why, after teaching you how to sell on StockX we'll teach you how to sell on Wethenew, one of the largest European sneaker marketplaces.

The Seller Space

Overview of the System

To sell on Wethenew, you'll need to create an account on the Seller Space. You can access to the website or download the app from the AppStore. You'll be asked for billing information and bank details to receive payments.

Wethenew Seller Space
Wethenew Seller Space


One way to sell through the seller space is by listing your in-stock items to receive offers from the company. You must set your price, which will often be negotiated by the Wethenew team to conclude a deal. You'll receive offers from the Wethenew team by email.


One of the latest features implemented on the Seller Space, it allows sellers to send their sneakers to Wethenew's warehouses. Wethenew will take care of the selling for you! It will be available on the website for 48-hour delivery, and you can modify your price in real-time on the space to be the cheapest and, therefore, the next sale.

Sell Now

One of the easiest ways to sell is through Wethenew's large customer base. The platform is not always able to find the sneakers for an order quickly, which is why they offer some models that sellers can accept immediately. They are often expensive due to Wethenew's high demand for the product or its rarity, which makes it difficult to find. This allows you to do business quickly and easily.

Wethenew Seller Space
The Seller Space


After selling your product in one of the different sales options, you must now entrust it to Wethenew. You'll need to download the sales invoice received by email and insert it into the box. You have two options to conclude your sale:


You can simply download the shipping label from the sales email you'll receive. You can see the collection points for sending your package here.

Drop off at L'Annexe

You can also hand-deliver your pair with the sales invoice. A member of the Wethenew team will be available to welcome you and conclude your sale. L'Annexe is located at 6-8 Rue Pecquay in the 4th arrondissement of Paris.

Annexe shop
Annexe shop


After your pair has been authenticated, it will take an average of 10 business days to receive your money. Note that if you've selected PayPal, fees will be applied (around 2%). During holiday periods, there may be longer delays due to higher client orders.


Wethenew allows you to easily and quickly sell your products at the best prices. The French company, one of the leaders in the European sector, will provide you with a pleasant and convenient selling experience for beginners and experts alike. Happy selling from the Retailed team 💙 !

Don't hesitate to contact the Sale On Wethenew Facebook page or email them at for more information or specific requests.