How to sell on StockX?

How to sell on StockX?

StockX is the number one platform to buy and sell sneakers and other items. If you're not familiar with the platform, we invite you to take a look here (and yes...we don't leave anyone out! 🙈). Let's get down to business!

Setting up your HyperWallet account

In order to sell on the platform, you need to set up Hyperwallet in your account settings and register a credit card (which will be used to charge you if you don't send your product within the specified time frame, with penalty fees).
The registration process is quite simple. You just need to provide some personal information. You will then have the choice of payment method: either PayPal or bank transfer. After making your choice, your payment method will be listed as active in your account settings. Now you can start selling your first sneakers.

hyperwallet screen in the account settings
HyperWallet sections.

Listing your products for sale

The marketplace anonymously connects buyers and sellers. On StockX, there are two ways to sell your product: using the "ask" function or the "sell now" function.

Aj1 travis scott page on StockX
Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 low "Reverse Mocha" on StockX.


With the ask function, you can place a price on your product after selecting the item and size. The platform will ask you to estimate the value of your item. You can then see what the sale will net you after various fees and taxes are deducted.
Be aware that in order for your product to be purchased, your ask must be the lowest; the buyer only has access to that price.

Sell Now

If you want to sell your product immediately, this feature is for you! The sale is at the highest price a buyer has offered. Once again, you will need to deduct various fees, but the sale is immediate. Be careful not to sell your item too low...

Aj1 travis scott page on StockX
StockX Sells

To find out the various fees and taxes and how much you will receive, we recommend using our free StockX fees calculator designed for this purpose 😎.


Done! You have made your first sale on StockX. Congratulations! Now you need to send it to StockX's warehouses within 48 hours. However, you can request an extra day on your app in exceptional circumstances. If you have any complications or other issues, don't hesitate to contact their support team.
To ship your package, you will often use UPS, but be sure to check your shipping label, as this may vary by country.

  • First, print the necessary shipping documents via the app or website. There is a sheet to slide into the shoebox and a commercial invoice for international shipping. Next, place your shoebox (or other items, of course) in a cardboard box. Be sure to protect the box with paper or other materials so that it arrives at the authentication center in perfect condition.
  • Then, close the package with tape. Make sure to close each corner so that the package doesn't open during transport.
  • Finally, attach the previously printed label to your box and drop it off at one of the many UPS locations available near you (you can check for UPS locations near you, here 😌).

And voila! Pretty simple, isn't it? The more you sell on the platform, the lower your fees will be thanks to the levels that StockX offers.

StockX shipping instructions
StockX shipping instructions

Legit check and payment

If the item you sent is in perfect condition, it will pass the legit check as soon as it arrives. After that, you will receive your payment through the payment method that you previously registered on Hyperwallet (it takes about 2-5 days to receive your money!).

Summing up

StockX is truly a great platform to sell your products, even though the prices of sales on the platform are often lower than those of companies like Wethenew or even Kikikickz. But it remains a very good option, especially with the "sell now" feature that allows you to make a deal at lightning speed ⚡️.