What is StockX?

What is StockX?

One of the retail sectors with the quickest growth is the resale market. A lot of people have embraced the resale culture. Platforms like StockX make it simple for customers to list their desired goods for sale in a secure and transparent manner, which is one of the reasons it has expanded so quickly.

The platform has seen a surge in its size over the past few years. The idea of reselling is not new; in the past, people have sold their sneakers on various platforms and continue to do so today, as well as in the past, through their own personal networks.

But when StockX debuted in 2016, it simplified the process of selling items. So simple that lots of people have turned their passion for buying and selling sneakers into a full-time enterprise. And they are making a lot of money for it.

Traditional retailers are not passively observing this market's expansion. As its largest investment to date, Foot Locker made a $100 million investment in the resale marketplace GOAT in 2019. This is a space that all retailers especially traditional retailers should keep an eye on.

The StockX platform

StockX has swiftly emerged as the preferred online marketplace for streetwear, trading cards, collectables, designer handbags, apparel, and everything in between. It has been dubbed the world's first "Stock Market of Things."

Market mainstays include companies like Adidas, Yeezy, Jordan, Supreme, Teflar, Nvidia, and BAPE. By serving as a go-between for buyers and sellers, the website makes transactions on the secondary market that could otherwise be dubious safe and secure.

StockX website (stockx.com)

StockX verifies every item before it is given to you, so you never have to be concerned about con artists and phoney goods. This is to mean that the interests of both the buyers and sellers are secured.

Additionally, StockX gives both buyers and sellers useful information including the current market value, the number of products sold, and the loss or gain on those items. To make sure you never overpay or undersell, use the information.

Testimonies from an individual who has been using StockX, as a shoe collector for a few years, demonstrate how it is the most practical and secure way to purchase and sell sneakers and other items.

StockX also serves as a middleman for expensive watches, designer handbags, streetwear, and other collectables in addition to sneakers.

How does StockX works?

You are either a buyer or a seller in the StockX ecosystem. As a live marketplace, the store functions similarly to the stock market in that the price of the goods shown on the website is determined by the state of the market.

The pricing is not decided by StockX. Real-time prices are available for shoppers to bid on and purchase goods. You can sell goods on StockX whether you are an individual or a company.

StockX product example

As a buyer, here's how it operates:

On StockX, there are literally thousands of options. When you locate an item you are interested in, you have two options: either you can purchase it now at the lowest asking price, or you can place a bid and wait for one of the several sellers who are offering the same thing to accept it.

Note that in order to place bids on StockX, you must link to a payment mechanism (PayPal or a credit/debit card). Only if and when your bid is approved will you be charged. This was implemented to get rid of pointless offers from trolls.

The seller has two business days from the time your order is confirmed to send your item to StockX for expert authentication. Nobody like having to wait a long time for their purchases to arrive, therefore it is amazing that sellers are held responsible for prompt shipping.

Your item is mailed to you after it arrives at StockX and is tagged with a green "confirmed authentic" tag. Online tracking of your order's status (sent by the seller, authentication ongoing, shipped to you, etc.) is available.

You will be able to monitor recent offers, pending purchases, and previous purchases as a buyer. You will be less likely to blow all of your money on sneakers and streetwear because it displays your total spending.

As a seller, this is how it operates:

You wish to sell a product, such as a designer handbag or a pair of shoes. On StockX, look up the item and choose the size you have. From there, you can either sell it right away for the highest offer or put in an asking price and wait for a buyer to come along.

This function is particularly useful if you have something you do not immediately need to sell but think will gain value over time. StockX will email you a pre-paid shipping label and packing slip to add to the box as soon as someone buys your item.

If you do not send the package out within two business days, StockX will charge you a modest fee. Your money will be transferred to you once StockX has determined that your item is genuine, brand new (for shoes and streetwear) or in superb pre-owned (for watches and handbags) condition.

The transaction price charged by StockX does start at around 10%, but it gets smaller as your seller level rises. After then, StockX is in charge of sending the buyer's package. The little transaction cost is not always a deal-breaker.

Although StockX must be paid, the sum is still less than what eBay or a shoe consignment store would demand. You can keep track of your current, pending, and previous sales in the same way, that you can maintain track of your purchases.

StockX gives you information about your number of sales, total revenue, and % of authentication.

Should you trust StockX?

Products are purchased and sold globally. Every item sold undergoes our in-house, multi-step authentication process with the help of a team of professional authenticators.