Top 5 European Cookgroup 2024

Top 5 European Cookgroup 2024

To improve your online sneaker resale business, the use of a cook group is crucial to increase your turnover. These groups, present on Discord, will provide you with exclusive information, notify you of restocks instantly, and thanks to their monitors, you will be continuously informed of what's happening on all retailer sites! (Don't hesitate to check out the article we wrote on the use of Discord in the Resell world, right here).

Today, we offer you a list of the best cook groups on the European market. These groups are generalists, so whether you're from Germany, Italy, or France, you can fully exploit their capabilities!

Escape Notify

Escape Notify is one of the most prestigious cook groups and one of the best-known in the European scene. This group will take your sneaker resale business to another level. Thanks to exclusive information that only the group holds, you will be aware of certain releases or restocks that only you and the group members will know, which is advantageous, especially when some releases can resell for several hundred euros. The group has monitors running 24/7 to alert you, even at night, if a highly sought-after sneaker model restocks on a retailer's site.

The group also offers other resale categories such as resale bots or a section to help you get started in graphics card resale. Their team will be there to assist you in case of problems or simply to help you with a question. Escape Notify has already made several prestigious partnerships with the best sneaker bots on the market, making it a serious solution if you're looking for a good cook group that meets your expectations. Expect to pay €45 per month to join the group. While this is a significant amount, it can be quickly recouped depending on the sneaker releases each month. You can find more information to subscribe here.

Escape Notify image
Escape Notify


Goatify is also a well-known European cook group for its reliability and high-quality information. However, this group is specialized for Germany (even though the information for Europe is still of very good quality). This is something to consider; it can be very interesting to join this group if you live in Germany. The group provides information on upcoming sneaker releases, offers guides for both beginners and experts, and provides real-time restock information to help you stay on top of every possible profit.

Their monitors, in particular, will watch the most well-known and profitable sites to keep you informed of any movements on the site. For example, if the site decides at midnight to release a pair of Jordans, you will receive a Discord message allowing you to purchase the shoes as quickly as possible. Goatify also offers support with a dedicated team to help you with problems and, most importantly, to help you develop your sneaker resale business. The group also offers several tools to enhance your resale experience. Expect to pay €42 per month to subscribe to the group, but this amount can be quickly recouped after selling a few shoes.

Goatify image

Notify EU

Notify is known for its group in the United States, which is one of the best in America, but they also have an alternative for the European Union and the United Kingdom. The group offers a multitude of features like the two previous ones. It also provides advice on investing in sneakers and knowing whether to sell or keep the sneakers you own. A lot of information will be provided to you in this group to alert you to any restocks or drops at any time of the day. Bots with many specific functions are available to help you improve your resale game. Notify EU has already partnered with bots that are well-known in the resale scene, showing their seriousness and level in the resale game, which is a tough environment.

The Escape notify team is attentive and will help you whether you are a beginner in the sneaker world or already an expert but need help improving your business. Expect to pay $60 per month to join this group. This is a bit more expensive than the competitors for roughly the same services offered. Our list is not exhaustive and mainly leaves you the choice between each group to find the one that best suits your needs!

Notify EU image
Notify EU


Another very well-known group in the resell world on the European scene is Hypehunters, considered one of the best groups for its information and features. Hypehunters is one of the most coveted groups in European reselling. Their information on what is called "brick flip" and their information on the many drops and restocks are very good and of high quality. However, they don't just cover sneakers but also graphics cards, consoles, clothing, and all releases that can be advantageous and allow you to make a profit. Support is available to help you learn about reselling whether you are a beginner or already have some knowledge in the field.

The numerous usage guides of the group will help you optimize your experience on the group. There are also guides on investment strategies you could adopt or simply on the explanation of reselling and bot usage. Their monitors will specify each restock and are known to be very efficient. To join the group, expect to pay €30 per month, which is in line with what we offer in this guide to the best European cook groups.

Hypehunters image

Stashed SNKRS

Finally, we present to you a European group that is rather atypical as it is focused on Nike SNKRS. Stashed will offer you exclusive information regarding the releases on the Nike app. Whether it's the number of pairs in stock or the surprise drops that occur on some releases, you will be informed of every update thanks to the group. For example, if a pair is released in a "shock drop," you will likely know about it beforehand thanks to the group's information. You also have more general information like a cook group, but as mentioned earlier, their specialty remains Nike information and primarily Nike SNKRS information.

Their support and staff will be attentive to help you if you encounter a problem while using Discord, or they will be at your disposal if you have a question about a future release or specific information. To join this group and optimize your chances of buying your pairs at retail price on SNKRS, expect to pay €30, which is slightly cheaper than the other groups we have presented to you. However, since this group mainly focuses on the SNKRS app and its releases, you can possibly complement it with another group that we have presented to you!

Stashed Snkrs image
Stashed Snkrs


Here are 5 European cook groups that are the most well-known and reputable in their field. So, you have the choice to optimize your experience in sneaker resale!