Boost Your Sneaker Reselling Game with Discord

Boost Your Sneaker Reselling Game with Discord

If you're familiar with the Discord app, then you know it's a great platform to connect with people who share your interests. However, did you know that Discord can also help you take your sneaker reselling game to the next level? In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best groups on Discord for resellers and show you how to use them to your advantage.


Discord is a phone and computer application that allows you to communicate with other users on "servers" related to your interests. These servers are filled with tools and technologies that can help you optimize your business and connect with other resellers to buy and sell more efficiently.

Image of the Retailed Discord, the welcome page
Pic from Retailed discord


CookGroups are groups on Discord that provide exclusive information, monitors that alert you of restocks on sneaker sites, and a supportive community to answer your questions. They are available at various price points, from free to several thousand euros, and can teach you how to purchase your first bot and configure it. CookGroups are especially useful for beginners who want to learn about the market and make connections for the future. Here are some of the most popular CookGroups that we recommend:

Escape Notify

Escape Notify is one of the best groups in Europe. It has special monitors and personalized support for each member, making it easier to learn the ins and outs of the reselling world. The group provides exclusive information and has a game-changing mobile application that notifies you of restocks in real-time. Membership costs 50€ per month, and you can sign up for the waiting list on their website.

Illustration from notify with a nike dunk on it
Recent success from Escape Notify (on their Twitter)


Notify is a CookGroup focused on the United States and is one of the most well-known groups in the world, thanks to its reputable information. The group allows you to resell sneakers, collectible cards, collectibles, and even NFTs. Notify recently opened a subsidiary in Europe, but it is less popular than its American counterpart. Notify has an expert team ready to help you and, like Escape Notify, a mobile app that keeps you up-to-date on the sneaker market. Membership costs $50 per month, and you can join the waiting list on their website.

Notify illustration with a quote
Illustration from Notify


For our friends in the UK, we have Flex! Since Brexit, it has become complicated to find a group that focuses on information within the UK to avoid any taxes, but Flex is here! This UK group, but also with some European information, will allow you to step up in your resell activity. The exclusive information provided for the UK is really incredible, and you will be able to increase your profit very easily. It costs £35 per month, and you can join the waiting list on their Twitter account.

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Illustration from Flex


This type of group will allow you to buy, sell, or even exchange your sneakers and clothing with other resellers (if you have followed our dictionary, no need to explain WTS, WTB or WTT… 😉). There are some very good free ones, others paid. Some are focused on certain regions, including France, Italy, and Germany, but there are also European and especially American ones. Below are the most reputable ones.


With more than 7500 members, Chinatown is mainly French and focused on Europe and is one of the most well-known marketplaces in France. For only €2, you can access different premium services but, most importantly, post your WTB and WTS in the respective channels.

Tidal marketplace

This global marketplace is more focused on buying and selling bots, but it is also possible to resell sneakers. Their system is optimized to make transactions more reliable, especially with their middle-men to ensure the deal (mainly for bots). Cool thing, it is mainly free!

The tidalmarket logo
Illustration of Tidalmarket

And our Discord!

The Retailed Discord is a place where you can also buy, sell or exchange your sneakers with a new in-house technology. It is entirely free, and things are brewing there..👀 click here to join us!


In conclusion, Discord is a powerful tool for sneaker reselling that allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and access exclusive information and technology. CookGroups such as Escape Notify and Notify can provide you with a competitive advantage by giving you access to insider information and the best tools. Marketplaces like Chinatown and Tidal can help you buy and sell sneakers and bots. And, of course, don't forget to check out our Retailed Discord for more sneaker reselling opportunities!