Who is Kikikickz?

Who is Kikikickz?

The sneaker resell market is getting bigger and bigger as the variety of outlets testifies. You will find on the Internet several sites where you can buy or sell shoes. This is the case of Kikikickz. A very well known website that enjoys a good reputation with high quality services.

You want to learn more about Kikikickz? Here are some answers.

Is Kikikickz reliable?

Kikikickz is specialized in the resale of sneakers and enjoying a good reputation. It was launched in 2014 in Paris. This e-commerce site aims to make the most exclusive pairs accessible to everyone. The company is composed of a team of 30 people. They are all passionate about sneakers. Constantly growing, the french ecommerce is slowly becoming a major player on the resell market.

The resale website of sneakers Kikikickz knows how to use social networks to its advantage. If the influencers do not stop accessing its showroom in Paris, it is not the effect of chance. This site allows you to buy and resell sneakers. Just like competing sites, each pair of shoes is authenticated on Kikikickz.

The price range offered by the company is very interesting. The prices can vary according to various parameters. To have a model you are looking for, you have to plan between 250€ and 300€ on average. The shipment is done between 3 and 9 working days for France.

If you are wondering if Kikikickz is a reliable website, you now have an answer. If you are wondering if Kikikickz is a reliable website, now you have the answer. It is a very reliable reseller with high quality services.

General appearance of the website

One of the strong points of Kikikickz website is its general appearance. It is very clean and well done. Users are immersed in the brand's universe thanks to the video on the homepage. From the start, you can read "Rare & limited sneakers, 100% authentic". The site takes you to discover new products, best sellers, and much more. You can also see verified reviews from the Trustpilot platform and a series of sneakers on the page.

Kikikickz website
Kikikickz website (kikikickz.com)

In the menu, you can browse through the different brands and collections. There is also the "Kikikickz Club" and the about page. The Personal Shopping service is also available. To get answers to frequently asked questions, the FAQ is available on the site.

Hosted by Shopify, a very popular turnkey solution. It is used by a variety of sites in order to deploy a stable ecommerces very easily. There are many plugins to customize the site and make it attractive.

Kikikickz presence on social networks

Kikikickz is a company with a strong presence on social networks. On the social network Instagram, it has two accounts accumulating 90,000 and 715,000 followers. In addition, on Tik Tok, you have the opportunity to see videos of the company on sneakers at any location. Kikikickz is also present on Facebook. So buyers can be reassured when selecting and paying for their products.

Customer reviews

On Trustpilot, the sneaker resale site has up to 700 reviews with a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Thus, you can order from the site without hesitation. According to the customer reviews, the delivery is fast, the items are in perfect condition and the service is of high quality. There are plenty of positive reviews.

instagram kikikickzclub
Instagram @kikikickzclub
instagram kikikickz
Instagram @kikikickz

For those who know, reviews are essential when it comes to buying from an e-commerce site. Taking reviews from an external platform like Trustpilot is a safe bet. You can have an idea of the authenticity or not of the brand. Indeed, it does not have the possibility to modify the negative reviews of customers who were not satisfied with their purchase. However, the site can provide answers in order to find a solution.

It is essential to avoid collecting reviews directly on the site. You won't be able to tell if they are fake or real reviews. Moreover, you do not have the possibility to know if they are moderated, deleted or modified.

Prices of the products offered by Kikikickz

As on the sneakers resale platforms, the proposed prices are sometimes high for some products. For a pair of Yeezy 700 V2 Cream in US10, Kikikickz offers higher prices than Wethenew. However, the site offers an express delivery in 48 hours. Delivery takes longer for products that need to be picked up and authenticated before shipping. For an Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Fearless Maison Chateau Rouge, the site offers a lower price. It's up to you to do the math to figure out what's best for you when you buy.

Kikikickz does not sell premium pairs. On the product sheets, it is possible to see information about the pair, the authenticity, and much more.

Review of the Kikikickz website

Kikikickz is a sneaker resale site that has made a place for itself in the sneaker market. You can see directly the models and sizes you are looking for in a few clicks. Moreover, the prices are generally lower compared to what other players offer. This is a detail that can make all the difference. This can attract customers who want to have a specific pair of sneakers without paying a lot of money.

However, like many sneaker resale sites, the prices are still higher than on second hand platforms. Note that this is normal because of the service provided by the site. In addition, delivery times can be shorter. This is often reproached to Kikikickz.