How to sell on Kikikickz

How to sell on Kikikickz

After explaining how to sell on Wethenew, it is only fair that we teach you how to sell on their everlasting rival: Kikikickz! Get your sneakers ready and let's dive in! 🚀

Sell on the Platform

Selling on Kikikickz is rather simple, although it offers fewer options compared to other competitors. All you need to do is visit their WTB (want to buy.. 👀) website, where you will find the actively sought-after pairs. You can search for specific sizes, colors, brands, or models on the site.

To start selling, you will need to create an account and provide some information to receive payment after closing a deal. You can create an account right here!

Once you have created an account and selected the pair you want to sell, simply click on the photo of the model. This will redirect you to Kikikickz's messenger. There, you will be connected with a buyer from their team to discuss the purchase price and negotiate. Compared to Wethenew, this provides a more personal and natural experience to obtain the best price for your sale. Responses from an agent usually take around a day, considering the high demand from sellers looking to make deals with Kikikickz.

Kikikickz's Website


After finalizing the deal via messenger, you will receive a sales voucher that you need to include with the sneakers to complete the transaction. For shipping your package, you have two options:

  1. Ship: You can simply send your product using standard delivery services. The shipping label will be provided, and you just need to send the product via DHL (you can find the nearest drop-off point here).
  2. Drop-off: Alternatively, you can drop off your pair at Kikikickz's office in Paris. This option allows for faster authentication and is more environmentally friendly if you are nearby 🐢. The offices are located at 4 Pl. de Valois in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.
Kikikickz's Showroom
Kikikickz's Showroom


Once your pair has been authenticated, Kikikickz will proceed with payment within 10 business days. Currently, this timeframe is not being met, and it may take more than a month to receive your payment, although the trend is improving, and the delays are gradually reducing. You will receive your funds in the bank account you provided during the account creation process, and you can modify it at any time you wish!


Kikikickz is a good solution to diversify the platforms where you sell your products. It allows you to obtain better profits for certain pairs compared to other platforms that may offer lower prices for specific sneakers. The more platforms you have for selling, the better your sales will be.

The Retailed team and I wish you a pleasant selling experience on Kikikickz!