How to sell on Alias

How to sell on Alias

As a sneaker reseller, you need multiple platforms or sources to sell your sneakers. After teaching you how to sell on StockX and introducing you to Kikikickz, now it's time to talk about Alias! You can download the mobile application here.

Short introduction

Alias is the selling platform of the Goat Group. It has allowed Europeans to sell to Goat's primarily American market, which was not possible before. Even though Goat now sells a lot in Europe, especially thanks to their partnership with PSG, Alias remains one of the main platforms to sell sneakers at the best prices.

goat x psg stadium
Goat x Paris Saint Germain

How does it work?

We will let you create an account. This step should be mastered successfully thanks to the Goat interface. You will need to add a credit card and two-factor authentication to start selling on the platform. We will explain different starting points:


These are obtained as you sell on the platform. The more points you have, the less Alias' commission will be on your sales. This is a crucial point to obtain the best possible sales prices. If you do not send your product on time or if a problem arises during the sale, Alias may remove some of your points, which will significantly reduce your revenue.

QR Code

It is located on the homepage, at the top left. For now, it is intended for residents of the United States. They have the option to deposit their pair in stores, without having to ship your product.


Before selling on Alias, you need to know that there is a whole long process to incorporate, that of currencies. All your sales are in dollars. This means that when you want to withdraw your money from your Alias account to your bank account, conversion fees will be applied. If you are in the United States, you do not have this problem, but in other regions of the world, this can reduce your profit. Here's what a withdrawal on the application can look like.

screen from alias' app
Example of a withdrawal

Start listing

Let's get down to business. We will explain from A to Z how a sale takes place on the platform.

First, you will search for the product you want to sell from the "search" section.

screen from alias' app
(For the length of the example, we will use the Yeezy Slide Onyx, and all the steps will be detailed)

We are now on the sneaker page. There is a lot of information, including the price of the last sale and a chart showing the price evolution. Simply press the "start listing" button at the bottom of the page.

screen from alias' app
From Alias

You will then select your size, the condition of the pair and the box, because yes, you can sell used items on Alias!

You will land on a kind of bar. You will be able to adjust your price by sliding it at this bar level. It is indicated if you are the lowest price or if you are above the lowest price. We can also see at the bottom the last sale in size, the biggest offer that allows you to sell your article instantly, and the global indicator being the price where you will have the best chance of selling quickly.
We recommend that you price yourself as close as possible to the lowest price, about at the global indicator.
You can check the details of your sale on the small plus at the bottom, here it is in our example.
You will then press "next" and then "list now" to put your article on the Alias channels, which are Goat and Flight Club.

screen from alias' app
From Alias


After shipping your item, you will need to wait for it to be delivered to the buyer. Once Alias receives the item, they will have to inspect it and ensure that it matches the description in the listing. If they approve the item, the payment will be released to your Alias account.

If the buyer does not approve the item or if there are any issues, the item will be sent back to you for inspection. If the item matches the original listing, Alias will work with you and the buyer to resolve the problem.


Selling on Alias can be a profitable venture for resellers of sneakers, but it is important to understand the platform's features and guidelines. By following the steps outlined above, you can start listing and selling your sneakers on Alias and take advantage of its international reach.

Remember to maintain a high level of professionalism, accuracy, and timeliness to ensure successful transactions and positive feedback. With time, experience, and dedication, you can become a successful seller on Alias and grow your sneaker reselling business.