From Chaos to Control: Tools for Managing Your Sneaker Inventory Like a Pro

From Chaos to Control: Tools for Managing Your Sneaker Inventory Like a Pro

To improve and expand your sneaker reselling business in 2023, you need to be able to manage your inventory in the best possible way. Say goodbye to complicated Excel spreadsheets or other calculation sheets, tools have been designed specifically for this purpose! Here are three that have caught our attention.


One of the best on the market! RestocksAIO allows you to manage your inventory while listing the sneakers of your choice on over 8 different platforms such as StockX or Wethenew. The company offers two plans: a simple version for €15 per month and a premium version for €30 per month with more features. Here are some of them.

RestocksAIO sales dashboard
Pic of RestocksAIO guide

Analytics Mode

Designed to ensure the best possible sales tracking, this mode is a very good feature of the tool. It allows for a precise and detailed history of your past sales to keep accounting in your project.

Sneaker Inventory

What interests us most! This feature will allow you to have different prices for each sneaker according to the platforms. You will have access to graphs and a large source of data.

Invoice Generator

A essential for your business! RestocksAIO allows you to automatically invoice invoices for the 8 sites and customize them to comply with the law.


This tool is simpler but just as effective. It was designed by 3 Americans to optimize your stock management. It allows you to have market prices according to different global platforms. A very good interface will be at your disposal for its use. As for the price, simply make a request to their teams to try their demo.

Image with a laptop and futures of copyt
Pic of Copyt website


Scout stands out from its competitors with its simplicity and mobile app. Recently acquired by StockX, the company offers total inventory management with live StockX prices. Scout supports the latter but also Ebay. Its strong point: it's free. Simply sign up for the waiting list and wait your turn! Here are some features that we particularly appreciate.

Scout inventory dashboard
Pic of Scout

Email Importing

Thanks to their artificial intelligence, Scout will detect emails regarding new purchases or sales to give you real-time tracking of your items. This can be especially useful when your purchase volume is significant.

Mobile app

Its mobile app is really one of its strengths. The application allows you to scan, for example, the boxes of your sneakers to directly add them to your inventory. You can especially consult your portfolio at any time and anywhere in the world. A real asset for any reseller in the world!

Inventory tracker

The main function of Scout is its inventory manager. You can observe your margins live thanks to the live StockX sales prices. The tool having a very large database, this allows you to list almost all pairs in the world in your inventory!

Let's Recap!

If you are a shoe reseller and looking to improve and grow your business, efficient sneaker inventory management is essential. RestocksAIO is one of the best tools on the market, allowing you to manage your inventory while listing the sneakers of your choice on over eight different platforms, such as StockX or Goat. Copyt is a simpler but equally effective tool. Finally, Scout with their mobile app for inventory management and email import feature. It combines the two previous tools. These tools offer features such as precise data analysis, precise accounting, real-time sales tracking, as well as market prices for each sneaker according to platforms. They are therefore essential to help you maximize your online shoe resale business.

In conclusion, to improve and develop your online shoe resell business, efficient sneaker inventory management is crucial. The tools presented in this article are specifically designed to help you.