Reselling: Best clothing marketplaces in 2023

Reselling: Best clothing marketplaces in 2023

You want to sell your beautiful fashion pieces? Then thoses clothing marketplaces will be of great use to you. Their credibility allows you to multiply sales with ease. Whether you are an individual, a designer or a multi-brand e-tailer, you can use marketplaces. They will allow you to acquire new customers. You just have to choose the one that best suits your business. Discover here the best clothing marketplaces, according to us.

Vinted logo banner


Vinted is a marketplace from Lithuania. It allows you to sell the clothes you don't want to keep after sorting out your dressing room. Through de-cluttering, you can earn a lot of money. Dissatisfied customers can enjoy great protection. Indeed, if the product is not as described, the site refunds the customers.

You also have the possibility to exchange your clothes with another seller on Vinted. This marketplace is aimed at individuals in both sales and purchases. Vinted's protection allows the buyer to feel confident. Thus, he does not hesitate to validate his first basket. This is a real advantage for sellers. For example, in France, the number of users continues to grow. It has increased from 11 million in 2020 to 16 million in July 2021. There are many users in France compared to other European countries.

According to a study by Kantar, more than half of French people have made a purchase on the marketplace in 2019.This is a continuous growth that shows that there is a real opportunity not to be missed in e-commerce. Even in times of crisis, you can use Vinted. This platform responds perfectly to the decrease in purchasing power created by any crisis. For those who know, it allows consumers to find brand name and second hand items at the best price. Like Leboncoin, Vinted proves that consumer habits are changing in favor of the second hand market. It stands out by allowing free access to the platform. Its design, the ergonomics of its site and its mobile application are very impressive.

Vestiaire Collective logo banner

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is the marketplace to choose if you had to pick just one. It is the trendiest and most well-known platform. It was set up in 2019 in Paris with the aim of revolutionizing the luxury occasion. The community consists of 8 million from over 50 countries. Its team carries out the control of all items sold. Vestiaire Collective is aimed at individuals who have the opportunity to sell and buy in complete security.

It is a perfect marketplace for people who are looking for clothing or accessories from major French and international luxury brands. Note that the site also has a special program for professionals, where you can put your items on sale for free and unlimited. A commission is applied on the items, it varies according to the selling price of the items.

Vestiaire Collective offers many advantages. The community is very strong and is a real asset. In addition, it is possible to increase revenues thanks to the platform's credibility. Note that Vestiaire Collective provides its sellers with a concierge service. This allows sellers to entrust their clothes to Vestiaire Collective, which then handles the sales process.

Prêt à Changer logo banner

Prêt à Changer

It is one of the French marketplaces that offer buying and selling of fashion pieces. Its team has for desire to bring a solution to the society of overconsumption thanks to its marketplace. You have the possibility to buy articles of big brands at small prices. It is also possible to buy "fast fashion" products from brands like Zara, H&M and others.

If you wish, you can resell your clothes to renew your wardrobe. Anyone can earn money with Prêt à Changer. You don't need to be an entrepreneur or a company to buy and sell. It is a solution to earn some money on clothes that are no longer useful.

Spartoo logo banner


Spartoo is a company that was created in 2006. It is used for the resale of shoes but also leather goods. You will find thousands of models.

Sellers have to pay a subscription in order to sell on the marketplace. Individuals have the possibility to resell good quality pieces of their wardrobe. These are usually branded products. Spartoo is a real showcase that has managed to gain the trust of its buyers.

La Redoute logo banner

La Redoute

La Redoute is known for its catalog and e-shop. The French company has set up its marketplace to welcome professional sellers who want to sell their products.

It is not open to individuals. The professional sellers are carefully selected in order to keep the prestigious image of the company.La Redoute is a very reliable entity in the fashion world. Those who manage to be selected to sell their products there gain a lot of notoriety.

Glami logo banner


Glami is a marketplace that is specialized in beauty and fashion. It is visited by millions of people per month. Note that there is no registration fee. It is also a social network on which users upload their outfits. It is a platform for individuals and professional sellers. There are no fees for posting ads online. Moreover, you benefit from a good visibility.

Shopalike logo banner

Shop A Like

A German marketplace that gathers a lot of products like clothes. It is also possible to find furniture or beauty products. It is only for professionals. It is a platform that has many members. It guarantees you a good visibility.

Videdressing logo banner


Videdressing is a trendy platform for selling clothes including luxury items. There is a team in place that takes care of authenticating the clothes and accessories. The French platform even allows to make a payment in several times. Individuals can buy and sell their clothes, shoes, handbags and much more.

The protection offered by the site allows buyers to be reassured about payment, delivery or authenticity of products. This is a real advantage to increase sales.Vide-dressing is a site where it is possible to resell clothes. You have the possibility to find high-end stuff like Lacoste, Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, and much more. Considered one of the top of the line fashion business opportunity, it's also possible to sell mainstream branded products like Levi's, Desigual, Zara, etc.

Asos logo banner


The very trendy English online store has set up its marketplace. It offers clothes for all morphologies. The marketplace offers several independent brands that are not well known in France. Private individuals and professional sellers have the possibility to sell on the platform. You can have a real visibility. Moreover, you can take advantage of its credibility to increase your sales.

Leboncoin logo banner


It is the best online sales site in France in terms of traffic. This free classified ad site was created in 2006. In February 2022, Leboncoin attracts more than 185 million visits on its website and more than 270 million visits on its mobile application.The first motivation of people who use Leboncoin is undoubtedly to make money. It is the reference site for making good deals.

The free second-hand sales site is distinguished by the great diversity of its product categories. Leboncoin's success is also due to its ease of use, which inspires e-traders all over the world. There is no need to register to buy online and take advantage of all of its services. This ease of access is a real success factor. It has attracted millions of users and the free shopping site has also made some interesting changes. These include the redesign and logo or the development of a mobile application. These are factors that respond to the evolution of online users' uses.

Amazon logo banner


Amazon is a global marketplace with a good reputation. The American company of Jeff Bezos has revealed a turnover of 116.4 billion dollars for the first quarter of 2022. This represents an increase of 7% compared to the same quarter of 2021. In fact, for the first quarter of 2021, Amazon reported $108.5 billion in revenue.

This is an increase of 44% compared to the same quarter in 2020.The great evolution of the e-commerce giant goes hand in hand with offensive innovation logics. Apart from the breadth of its product offering, there are new features that have been implemented. It is about the speed of delivery. Indeed, with the Prime offer, it is possible to receive the ordered product the day after or the same day of the online purchase. There is also video streaming with the creation of a platform. The investments in the cloud, artificial intelligence and in physical stores everywhere are impressive innovations.

Ebay logo banner


Ebay was created in 1995 by a Frenchman and is known worldwide. It is the pioneer of the sale on Internet. The auction site has an impressive volume of traffic and notoriety. It is undoubtedly one of the best sites to buy online. Its low commission rates and its investments in artificial intelligence keep attracting people. Opting for eBay to do dropshipping can be a good way to acquire your first sales.

Veepee logo banner


Veepee is the best online private sale clothing website. In recent years, the private sale market in the fashion world has exploded. French people appreciate private sales websites allowing them to make good deals. With Veepee, you have the possibility to find branded products at a record price and time.

The flash sale or the cheap online sale of branded products are available in a very limited time. This helps to boost sales. In addition, fashion brands can sell their unsold stocks. The items are new but from previous collections. All these details are favorable to online shopping and the development of e-commerce.It was in 2019 that the private sales clothing site Vente-privée took the name of Veepee.

This is a name that is easily exported. This change in the platform's identity reflects its desire to go international. For those who know, the online sales site Veepee has achieved half of its turnover outside of France in 2019.The evolution of Veepee is proof that the best online clothing sales sites are those that offer the possibility of acquiring branded products at lower prices.

Facebook logo banner

Facebook marketplace

Facebook has its own marketplace. It is a highly frequented social network. It makes it very easy to sell your clothes near you. The principle is the same as on Leboncoin. Facebook is the best solution if you want to sell quickly and at a low price. Potential buyers negotiate enough to get a very good deal.

Jaiio logo banner

Jaiio (very good)

Jaiio is a resale site designed in 2020. It is possible to use it to resell your branded clothes and accessories without making any effort. Indeed, the site takes care of everything. From a number of items, the site takes your clothes to your home and takes care of everything else. This includes the photo, putting it on sale, answering questions, etc.

You have the possibility to exchange your dressing room as you wish. Within 6 months of purchasing a product on the online second hand store, you have the possibility to exchange it. It is also possible to get a gift card of 70% of its purchase value.

To sum up, there are several clothing marketplaces. All you have to do is make the right choice to get a good deal. To do this, you have to take into account the reputation and the quality of the services offered. You also have to consider the weak points of each platform. Do not hesitate to compete between several stores.