Custom value in pricing

The practice of setting a pair of sneakers' retail price according to its perceived worth to a particular consumer or group of customers is known as "custom value in pricing." This means being aware of the particular requirements and tastes of the client as well as the importance they attach to various aspects of the sneakers, such as the model, brand, condition, rarity, and any added extras or customizations. Instead of just raising the price of the sneakers, the selling price is then determined by taking into account this perceived worth. As an example, a collector or an art enthusiast may appreciate a pair of limited edition sneakers with unique artwork more than they would a regular pair of sneakers, which could result in a higher selling price. Understanding the custom value in pricing is crucial in the sneaker resale market since various customers may place varying prices on the same pair of sneakers. When determining the selling price of sneakers, it's crucial for novices in the sneaker resale industry to do the necessary research, comprehend the demographic they are targeting, and take personalized worth into account. The product description and marketing materials should also highlight the sneakers' distinctive worth since doing so might support a higher asking price and bring in the proper customers.