Who is Voggt?

Who is Voggt?

Are you familiar with the Voggt app? It has been rapidly gaining popularity since the end of 2022. The app allows buyers to get great deals and sellers to offer competitive prices for sneakers, under Wethenew or Kikikickz prices thanks to its innovative bidding system. Discover the app now.

About Voggt

Voggt was created by three French entrepreneurs 🇫🇷 in June 2021. The app aims to bring together enthusiasts, particularly of sneakers, collectibles, cards, and toys, through live video streaming. The platform is available in over 5 countries and continues to grow. A real community has been built around the concept, which has significantly increased the number of sellers on the app. But how does Voggt work?

Voggt logo in white and black
Voggt logo.

The Live Auctions

On the app, a user can launch a live video in which they offer items for sale under a bidding system. To participate in the auctions, you need to have a temporary hold (about 24 hours) of €50. This ensures that only trusted buyers can bid and will pay for their purchases if they win. No flake!

It's auction time! The seller sets a starting price, which you can see in the live catalog that lists all the items for sale, along with a set time limit. If you win the auction, your account will be automatically debited, and the item will be sent directly to your designated pickup location.

Some sellers are very entertaining, making it a fun experience even if you don't end up buying anything. A chat feature is also available to communicate with other participants and the seller, making it a truly enjoyable and community-driven experience.

Voggt logo "live"
From Voggt.

Security and Safety

Thanks to its payment partner, Stripe, and a team of developers, Voggt provides a secure experience for both buyers and sellers. After receiving your purchase, you can leave a review to help other members who may be interested in buying from the same seller.

This new form of interactive auction sales redefines traditional retail principles, which can become tedious for some.

Is the Classic Auction System in Danger?

Large auction houses such as Millon, Drouot, Sotheby's, and Artcurial have been offering their exclusive sales on their website for several years now. However, it is not comparable to the experience of Voggt. Here, you deal directly with the seller and can ask them questions. You feel closer to what you're about to buy, and most importantly, Voggt doesn't charge buyers any purchase fees (unlike the high commissions charged by the major players in the market, for both buyers and sellers).

Publicity for a french auction
French sneaker auction from Millon in 2022.

Opinion About Voggt

Voggt has received over 800 reviews on the app store with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 and over 1000 reviews on the Google store. The concept is highly appreciated by consumers. One thing is for sure: Voggt will open the door to other entrepreneurs to change our consumption habits.

Let's Recap!

In summary, Voggt is an app that allows enthusiasts to find rare and unique items while providing an interactive, community-driven, and secure sales experience. It is a platform to watch for buyers and sellers interested in this new form of commerce.

Voggt sneakers logo in pink
Voggt logo for sneakers.