What is the sneakers hype?

What is the sneakers hype?

Today, social networks and television are part of everyone's daily life. Therefore, there are many marketing strategies that are developed. Hype is a sales method that consists of releasing a limited edition item or a collection in small quantities in selected outlets without any prior warning. It is a concept that allows brands to create a sense of urgency among consumers in order to get them to buy the items. Want to know more? Please read this article.

What is hype fashion?

The Supreme brand is very good at this retail strategy. Started as a small skate store in New York in the 1990s, the company is currently valued at $1 billion USD. You may be wondering what accounts for this. The reason is simple.
It is a brand that has multiplied the so-called hype collaborations. It has designed limited edition pieces with rather high prices. This has allowed it to become an internationally renowned industry.

People queuing in front of a store (very common when limited items are only sold in stores)

Other players in the fashion industry have also embraced the hype business model. For example, the Nike brand launched the Jordan 1 high in small quantities. The brand's enthusiasts jumped on this model in order to have it. Thus, the demand became more important than the production. As a result, the prices skyrocketed. The brand continues to surprise with new models of sneakers in limited edition.

It is true that the hype has turned retailers into money-making machines. However, that doesn't mean it will be the same for all brands that adopt the same strategy. The hype is based on the buyer's sense of authenticity.

The hype and social networks

Social networks play a big role around the hype concert. They create the hype around sneaker brands and limited products. It is even possible to say that social networks are what brought the hype to this very high level.

Before the advent of the internet, the only way to get access to the latest sneaker releases was to be at the right place at the right time and to look for the right stores to find limited edition items. At the time, the commitment of the consumers to get the items allowed the creation of a bond between the brand and them.

So, with the rise of hype on social media, it is no longer necessary for hype enthusiasts to rush to get their hands on limited edition items. They can access sneakers with a click without much thought or even create a link to the brand.

There are even brands that use a pre-order system. This allows ultra fans to be able to pay before the product is designed. In addition, influencers pay a lot of attention to these kinds of trends. This creates a hype as the community keeps listening and buying.

About sneakers and the hype

The sneaker industry has grown a lot with the hype. Sneakers weren't necessarily the go-to pair of shoes in a wardrobe a few years ago. However, that has changed a lot today.

Now, sneakers can be worn to various events. A groom can even wear them. Jordan's are sneakers that perfectly prove the craze around sneakers.

For shoe fans, nothing is more exciting than the feeling of receiving and buying a new pair of limited edition sneakers. The reason is simple. Enthusiasts don't want to have everyone else's shoes. So brands offer limited editions. This dramatically increases the price of the sneakers. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to the pair of your dreams. Even though it may seem expensive, the quality is there.

In summary, hype is a very interesting concept and appreciated by some brands like Adidas. It allows them to increase their sales and to quickly sell limited edition sneakers. Thanks to social networks, consumers can acquire the good of their dreams with ease.