Top 5 Shopify Application Size Guide 2023

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Top 5 Shopify Application Size Guide 2023

To enable your customers to easily purchase clothing from your site, it is important to provide a size guide for each item. That's why, in this article, we present 5 Shopify applications that will allow you to create size guides on your product pages!

Clean Size Charts: Size Guide

The first application we introduce allows you to create size charts for all your clothing products. These guides will assist users on your online store in choosing the right size and avoid returns due to items being too large or unfortunately too small. This application offers a multitude of options to modify and customize your charts as you wish. You can also offer international sizing with American, Italian, Japanese, and European sizes. It has a free version to connect the application to your Shopify site for testing purposes (although the free version is limited), and a premium version for only $7 per month. There is also a $15 plan available based on your needs. With over 150 reviews and an average rating of 4.8/5, this application is a serious contender that could significantly boost your online commerce, whether it's clothing or even sneakers.

Image from Clean Size Charts: Size Guide
Image from Clean Size Charts: Size Guide

ESC ‑ Size Charts & Size Guide

This second application allows you to create simple charts that enable your customers to select the right size for the product they potentially want to buy on your Shopify-connected online store. Not only does it increase sales on your site, but it also saves you money by reducing customer returns. The interface for creating your chart is simplified and allows for clear and precise designs. The application is also compatible with the Shopify app, which is crucial for businesses on the new Shopify platform. With over 500 positive reviews averaging around 4.6/5, it stands as one of the best applications for creating a size guide on your Shopify products. You can use the application for free, but like the first one, its capabilities will be somewhat limited. However, a $5 per month subscription is available, offering unlimited functionality in terms of usage and customization of your size chart. Choosing this Shopify application is a good solution for optimizing your e-commerce site.

Image from ESC ‑ Size Charts & Size Guide
Image from ESC ‑ Size Charts & Size Guide

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

Kiwi is one of the leading solutions in the market for customizing your site with a unique size guide for each product. It is one of the most widely used Shopify-based online sales site applications. The application offers numerous options to fully customize your size grid. For example, you can create your chart on your own or import it in various ways, such as via a CSV file, an image, or even a web page. Kiwi also offers the option of integrating videos into your charts, enhancing the customer experience on your site. The application automatically converts any size you use. With over 800 reviews and an average rating of 4.7/5, it is a pillar in the market of applications that create a size guide. The application offers multiple plans to suit your needs. It has a very responsive customer service team ready to address any issues or questions! You can subscribe to a free plan, similar to the previous applications, for testing. However, there are also two paid versions, priced at $7 and $12.50 per month, each with its own advantages, particularly in terms of the maximum number of size guides that can be created and automation. This makes Kiwi one of your primary options when choosing your Shopify application for sizing.

Image from Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender
Image from Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

GA: Size Chart & Size Guides

The fourth Shopify application we present in this article is still relatively unknown to the general public but has enormous potential. With its numerous features and being entirely free, it is one of the options you can consider as a Shopify application to enhance your e-commerce store. Templates are available to simplify the task of creating size charts that meet your expectations while saving time. You can also fully customize everything to achieve a look that aligns with the artistic direction of your website for complete harmony. The installation is very simple and requires no coding knowledge, which is important if you're not familiar with the coding world. Another strength of this application is its support. It has a highly responsive team ready to address your requests and questions about the application. This is very useful if you struggle to install your size guide on one of your products or if you just have a simple question about a customization option or a basic setting. In short, it's a very good free application to enhance your Shopify site.

Image from GA: Size Chart & Size Guides
Image from GA: Size Chart & Size Guides

Ultimate Size Chart

We conclude this article with the Ultimate Size Chart application. It is less known than the first three but still an interesting proposition in terms of Shopify applications for size charts. The application has many features, such as automatic unit conversion from inches to centimeters and vice versa. This is very practical if you sell your products, like T-shirts, worldwide, where units of measurement can vary by country. This allows your potential customer to be immediately comfortable with sizes on your store, making it potentially easier for them to be attracted to purchasing your products. The charts are fully customizable, which is crucial. It's good to have a site that follows an artistic direction and, most importantly, logic to not inconvenience potential customers too much. You can directly import your CSV files into your interface to simplify the creation process. It has a dedicated support team, which is essential to consider. For example, if you're having trouble adding your size guide to a product page or if you're just having difficulty installing the application from the Shopify shop, their team will be happy to help. The application offers a 30-day trial period before becoming paid. It is priced at $6 per month. It has accumulated over 100 reviews with an average rating of 4.3/5. It's a good application that you can try for the first 30 days and cancel the subscription if it doesn't suit your online store!

Image from Ultimate Size Chart
Image from Ultimate Size Chart


Guiding your customer to buy the right size of the product you offer on your Shopify online store is important. Therefore, using one of the 5 applications we have proposed is a good idea to boost your sales and increase your e-commerce revenue!

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