How to declare your Vinted, Leboncoin, Ebay income for tax purposes in France?

How to declare your Vinted, Leboncoin, Ebay income for tax purposes in France?

Are you involved in the second-hand market by selling on platforms like Vinted and you live in France? As for any activity, it is necessary to declare the income received. In order to be up to date with the tax authorities, you need to pay attention to certain details. How to declare your income on Vinted, Leboncoin, Ebay to the tax authorities in France? Find out here some of the answers.

Are Vinted, Leboncoin and Ebay sales taxable?

Sales on these platforms are taxable in certain cases. For example, on Vinted, there is no taxation when profits do not exceed €3000 over 1 year. Since 2018, income from the sale of clothes is taxable on the platform.

It is therefore important that you make a declaration of all your income generated by your sales during the year. Note that occasional income is not taxed. If you are a professional selling clothes through a platform, you must declare your income and it is taxable.

Why declare your income to the tax authorities?

Under Article 242 bis of the General Tax Code, amended by the law of 23 October 2018 (French law) on the fight against fraud, online sales platforms such as Vinted, Leboncoin or Ebay must provide a summary of all sales of items. These are revenues generated by the occasional sale of items or clothing.

Thus, since 2019, the Vinted platform must communicate:

  • the number of sales made during the year
  • the total revenue generated by these sales during the year
  • the identity of the users.

Users are informed by the platform via email as soon as this information is sent. If you do not receive a message, you need not worry. It is perfectly possible to find this information in your Vinted account.

If you wish, you can keep a strict record of all your Vinted dressing room sales. By regularly tracking your sales on the platform, you will be safe from surprises. And fortunately for you, Retailed is here for that!

How to declare the income on the tax return?

The income generated in a given year must be declared by April of the following year at the latest. On Vinted, even if the platform has shared the total amount of your sales with the tax authorities, this does not mean that you will be taxed on this amount.

You have the option of paying no tax on the income generated by the sale of your clothes on Vinted. To do this, you simply have to follow certain rules. You must not exceed the threshold of €3,000 in profits in any one year. In addition, you must not make more than 20 transactions per year.

In short, you must declare your income on the sales platforms. However, not all income is taxable. They must exceed a threshold to be taxed.