Top 5 Best Shopify Store for Sneakers [2023]

From Kith's sophistication to Wethenew's diversity, unravel the success tales of top Shopify-powered sneaker sites! Your guide to online sneaker excellence.

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Top 5 Best Shopify Store for Sneakers [2023]

In the world of online sneaker sales and, more broadly, in the vast realm of e-commerce, websites powered by Shopify are generally the most efficient. That's why today, we're presenting 5 sneaker sites managed by Shopify!

1. Kith

Kith is one of the largest sneaker retailers in the United States, and now even worldwide with their new Europe-focused site. The brand has physical outlets worldwide, but their site is the main sales channel. The site is based on Shopify, but aesthetically, everything has been carefully thought out: from categories to a section gathering sales. Kith has succeeded in creating a truly high-end site. The checkout is very simple, and navigation is exceptionally smooth, a significant strength. Multiple payment methods, such as PayPal or credit cards, are available. Offering a simple customer interaction is crucial for generating more sales in your online sneaker business.


2. Wethenew

Wethenew is one of the largest sites for buying and reselling sneakers in Europe. Wethenew has several corners in very large French department stores, but their website is their main sales method. The French company offers a site with a beautiful user interface. The site is colorful and has several categories. For example, there's a selection offered for less than €200, an initiative by Wethenew that allows them to reach more customers and, most importantly, have a well-organized site. The site is also easy to use whether from a computer, a portable tablet, or even a phone, a real asset for selling products online as much as possible. The incorporation of a blog on the Shopify base, the "Blueprint" here, is a very good idea to create a real community around your sneaker sales business, discussing numerous releases and drops. Payment is simple, with options to pay in installments, allowing some of your customers to buy rare sneakers they might not be able to afford in one go!


3. Afew

Afew is one of the largest European sneaker retailers. The German retailer has been established for several years and has gained significant experience. Despite its store in Duesseldorf, Afew manages to reach customers throughout Europe through its Shopify-based sales site. The site's interface has been completely customized by the company, making it an original site. The use of a help button at the bottom right of the homepage is a very good idea that could be effective in developing your relationships with your customers if you decide to create a website to start selling shoes online. The checkout is very effective and offers numerous payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Credit Card, Amazon Pay, thanks to the Shopify construction of the site. The site has a lot of references, whether in terms of sneakers or in terms of clothing or lifestyle products, thanks to the multitude of options that Shopify offers. This variety makes Afew a very large e-commerce site for sneakers.


4. Undefeated

Undefeated is an American brand and retailer that was created in 2002, over 20 years ago! They have numerous stores, but to reach the entire United States and their customers in Asia, they have developed a very efficient, simple, and aesthetic site. Just like Afew, the site has a help button on the homepage, which is really useful. The site is divided into several well-organized categories and collections. You don't get lost, and if you don't have very detailed product pages, they are very clear and precise. Creating an account to go to checkout is very simple and helps build long-term customer loyalty, especially through the recurrent sending of newsletters via the Shopify control panel. The product images are very clean and fit perfectly into the user interface, whether on a computer or a mobile phone. You also have a fairly detailed contact form in case of a problem with an order or a simple question. This helps reassure future customers of the latest sneakers and builds a certain level of trust. It makes it a very good site and, above all, a site that is easy for the consumer to use.


5. The Next Door (TND)

TND is a Parisian concept store offering a wide range of clothing for both men and women, and a large range of sneakers. Despite its location in the heart of Paris, the company also sells a lot via its website throughout Europe, mainly for the latest fashionable sneaker drops. The site uses a rather simple but very aesthetic template, which gives a certain purity to the site. You can see the possibility of translating the site into several languages ​​such as English, Korean, Spanish, or even Japanese, which is very useful for reaching as many customers as possible in your business. There are many categories, including a men's selection, a women's selection, a category listing all the brands and designers that the site offers, a footwear selection, and even a selection of discounted products. The font chosen for the articles is very clean to continue in the artistic direction of the site. The product photos are clean, and the homepage immerses us directly in the world of fashion and sneakers, making it a very pleasant site to navigate.

The Next Door
The Next Door


So here are 5 online sneaker stores using the Shopify website incubator that can inspire you to perhaps create your own sneaker site on Shopify!

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