Air Jordan 1 Low "Olive" Travis Scott : The New Hype Release

Air Jordan 1 Low "Olive" Travis Scott : The New Hype Release

The world of sneakers is about to explode: a new Jordan collaboration with rapper Travis Scott is set to release! So, get ready with your best outfit and best playback, because it's lit! 🔥

A bit of history


There's no need to introduce the brand with the swoosh! The American brand continues to be in the limelight, especially with the latest Air Force 1 Tiffany or the streetwear collaboration with the London-based brand Corteiz. Here, Jordan is collaborating with the artist, a basketball subsidiary of the brand that makes models that are equally oriented towards basketball and streetwear.

The Paris store
House of Innovation in Paris

Travis Scott

Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Berman Webster, was born on April 30, 1991, in Houston, Texas. The rapper is globally known for tracks such as "Sicko Mode" or "Butterfly Effect," which have become references in American rap. He has had the opportunity to collaborate with big brands such as Dior, McDonald's, or even PlayStation! With his own label Cactus Jack and a Netflix documentary about his life as an artist, La Flame continues to be at the forefront of the music scene!

Travis Scott picture
Travis Scott
Did you know? The artist chose Travis Scott as his stage name because Travis is his uncle's name, and young Jacques Webster is a fan of Kid Cudi, who is named Scott!
track cover
From Kaws

We'll even see a feature between the two rappers with the track "The Scotts" in 2020, with artwork done by Kaws 😍.

This won't be the first time the artist has collaborated with Jordan or even Nike. But it may be one of the last pairs of the collaboration, according to some rumors. The latest is the magnificent Jordan 1 Low "Black Phantom," which we'll let you admire here on our instagram 🤤.

Travis Scott collab on wethenew
The sneakers on Wethenew

A long history of love

Travis with Nike/Jordan has more than twenty pairs, each more insane than the other! From the Air Max 1 to the Air Force 1 or, for example, the Jordan 1, the artist has created timeless designs that speak to all generations with his personal touch: the swoosh turned upside down.

Travis Reverse Mocha picture
Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott "Reverse Mocha"

The releases are always accompanied by exceptional advertising campaigns, such as the Jordan 6 from the collaboration.

All the pairs from the partnership resell at stratospheric prices, especially the limited models in a few copies, like the friends & family or, for example, this Jordan 1 low with PlayStation 🥶.

Travis Scott Playstation
Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott "Playstation" from Travis Scott's website

The shoe

The collaboration is on an Air Jordan 1 Low. It features an inverted swoosh like the previous ones, which is olive green here! The shoe offers superior quality suede with a yellowed midsole. We can also see black suede on the toebox and behind the swoosh. White leather is chosen for the rest of the pair, like on the reverse mocha.

picture of the shoe
The sneakers

The pair has several red details like the Nike on the tongue or the Air Jordan logo and Travis's trademark behind each foot.

details on the sneaker
Beautiful details 😍

More information

With an estimated stock of 150,000 pairs for the world, it will be the Jordan 1 Travis Scott with the most stock ever produced!

Small feet (36 -> 40) have never had the chance to get their hands on the previous ones, which is why this one will be for women! The pair will go from 35.5 to 44.5, but from 41 onwards, it will be rather complicated to get the pair because the available quantities will be very low.

The Air Jordan 1 Low OG x Travis Scott "Olive," according to many rumors, will be released on April 26th at a retail price of €160 at the brand's retailers and via raffle on the SNKRS app 🌵.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Air Jordan 1 Low OG x Travis Scott "Olive" is a highly anticipated release among sneakerheads and Travis Scott fans. Its unique design and limited availability are sure to make it a sought-after addition to any sneaker collection.

The travis scott aj1
The 2023 grail ? 🤔