Tiffany & Co. x Nike: The 2023 collaboration

Tiffany & Co. x Nike: The 2023 collaboration

Nike has already proposed one of the hottest collaborations of the year with jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. as we start off 2023. Collaborating with Tiffany & Co. confirms Nike's dominant position in the world of streetwear, alongside brands such as Stussy and Corteiz.

The story

This collaboration brings together two major brands on a legendary sneaker model!


Needless to introduce you to the brand with the swoosh...but a little bit of history never hurts, as they say! Nike, founded in 1968 in Oregon by Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman, initially sold sporting equipment. The brand was quickly represented by the "Swoosh" in 1971, created by Carolyn Davidson.

Did you know that the creation of this logo cost only $35 and 20 hours of work? Knight, a teacher at the University of Portland, entrusted the task to his student for the creation of one of sportswear's icons.

Among Nike's many iconic models such as the Jordan 1, Air Max 1, Air Max 95, Dunk, and many more, Nike chose the Air Force 1 for this collaboration, which will go down in history. The Air Force 1 celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2022, making a collaboration on this model mandatory. It is also the first basketball shoe to feature Nike Air technology. The iconic white-colored model, loved by all, is even sold out after more than 40 years!

Air Force Triple White on the resell website Kikikickz
The Air Force 1 Triple white on Kikikickz
At Retailed, we never stop teaching you things! You may not have known it, but the name "Air Force One" comes directly from the name of the president's plane in the 1980s. This brand will never cease to impress us.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young in Manhattan, is as well-known as the Swoosh brand. In fact, the year 1837 is referenced in the number of pairs of shoes produced: 1837 pairs. The brand is known for its high-end jewelry and savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation. It has always been in the spotlight: we can note the recent collaboration with Supreme that made headlines.

Supreme "Box Logo" t-shirt in collaboration with Tiffany&Co, with the matching collaboration necklace.
Pic of Supreme

We can see the famous "Tiffany blue" on the American brand's box logo. It is a turquoise deposited by the brand in 1845 that represents the entire house. This color is therefore reserved for their commercial use (Pantone 1837).

The collaboration

The sneakers

The shoes come in a box of the famous blue with careful packaging. The two brands offer us a rather simple silhouette with an entirely black pair but with the Swoosh in the famous Tiffany blue. On the heel, we can see a Tiffany element in silver. The pair is generally of high quality, with grained leather on the Swoosh and the choice of premium nubuck, perfectly representing the quality and prestige of the American jeweler. The pair will be sold at a retail price of $400, which is quite high, despite the quality being up to par.

Close-up on the collaboration's Air Force One, we can see the "Swoosh" in detail and the quality of the black nubuck.
Pic of Nike

Other items

To accompany this pair, Tiffany & Co. offers us a multitude of diverse accessories, from a shoehorn to a silver toothbrush. There is something for everyone, but mostly for beautiful prices. You will need to budget between $250 and $475 to get your hands on one of these objects. Below is the toothbrush that made the buzz for its price and originality.

Pic of Tiffany & Co.

How to cop the collaboration?

It will be more than complicated to get your hands on this pair. But we will give you the keys to perhaps have a chance to touch the Holy Grail!
The collection will officially be released on March 7, 2023, at Nike, some retailers in the United States, and at Tiffany & Co.

  • For Europe, the pair will only be released on Nike's SNKRS app on March 7 at 9am in the form of a 15-minute raffle.
  • For the United States, the pair is already in raffle on the Tiffany website, on March 7th on Nike's SNKRS app, and at sneaker retailers such as Kith. Americans will even have the chance to have an in-store release at the brand's flagship store in New York.

To sum up

Nike has partnered with high-end jeweler Tiffany & Co. to launch a collaboration on the iconic Air Force 1 sneaker.  The collaboration will be limited to 1837 pairs, and the shoe retails for $400. The collection will be available from 7 March at Nike, some US retailers, and Tiffany & Co.

The collaboration with Tiffany & Co. is officially one of the hottest fashion collaborations in 2023.🔥