5 Colette Collaboration Unbelievable

5 Colette Collaboration Unbelievable

For over 20 years, the Parisian boutique Colette stood out not only for its curated selection, but also for its multiple collaborations. Whenever a brand or artist collaborated with the concept store, they could take over the storefront, resulting in masterpieces etched onto the glass of 213 Rue Saint-Honoré (now owned by luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent).

From Chanel to Virgil Abloh, Sarah Andelman and her mother Colette Rousseaux were able to transmit a true way of life from 1997 to 2017. Therefore, to remind us of the good old days, we will introduce you to the 5 most extraordinary collaborations ever created at Colette. Even though all good things must come to an end, Paris is no longer Paris without Colette...

Colette logo
Colette logo

Paris Saint Germain

We start strong with the collaboration with PSG on two unique jerseys that were sold before the boutique closed in 2017.

Colette for psg
From Culture PSG

One of the jerseys is emblazoned with the name of Brazilian player Neymar, while the other is emblazoned with "Colette" in blue with the number 75, a reference to the City of Light. The ultra-limited edition box makes it one of the rarest jerseys of the Parisian club.


During the last weeks of the boutique, Chanel left its mark on Parisian history by presenting one of their collections while modifying the facade of the building, resulting in an exceptional nighttime view and a memorable photo.

Colette x Chanel shop
From Vogue

Collectible T-shirts and other clothing items were offered to fans of the brand, pieces of history that have become almost impossible to find over time.

We will remember in particular the release of the Pharrell Williams Human Race collaboration with Chanel, a historic collaboration that was released only at Colette, which will forever mark history. Only 500 people in the world were able to access the pair through a lottery, the precursor to raffles!

Pharrell Williams Human Race collaboration with Chanel
What a wonderful sneaker!


How could Colette not collaborate with the swoosh? Colette had the opportunity to work on the Air Force 1 Busy P, which was part of Nike's 1World project in 2007. Limited to 178 pairs worldwide, this pair is truly out of the ordinary. They were exclusively released at the boutique, making them a very rare Air Force 1! Expect to pay over €2000 on StockX to get your hands on this gem.

StockX page of the shoes
You can buy here


We continue with one of the most sought-after pairs of sneakers in the world! On the occasion of its closure, Colette was able to collaborate with Jordan on an Air Jordan 1, one of the rarest in the world. It was only distributed to F&F and boutique employees for their departure.

Air Jordan 1 Colette
The one and only...

The blue leather pair bears the Colette logo on the back, and on each foot the year of the concept store's opening and closing. The word "Bonjour" appears on one foot and "Au Revoir" on the other. To acquire this piece of history, you must first find a seller! The few known sales range between €10,000 and €30,000.

MAD Paris (Rolex)

To finish this, non-exhaustive, top, we present to you the work of MAD Paris, a Parisian artist workshop specialized in watch customization. Everything MAD touches turns to gold! Colette collaborated with the company to create a Rolex watch limited to 5 pieces. No one knows who owns them...

Rolex x Colette x Mad paris : watch and dial
The Rolex grail 💙

They chose to work on a Rolex Milgauss. The watch's face is very original, featuring the phrase "Who cares I'm already late" with the numbers out of order and the famous blue which remember the parisian store.

So, merci...

In conclusion, Colette will always hold a special place in the hearts of fashion and art enthusiasts. The store's unique selection and collaborative efforts made it a cultural hub for over 20 years. Although the physical store is no longer in operation, its legacy and impact on the industry continue to inspire and influence many.

We can only hope that another boutique will step up and continue Colette's tradition of highlighting the best of fashion and art, while also fostering creative collaborations. Until then, we can look back on these five incredible Colette collaborations and appreciate the magic that was created during the store's existence.