The Streetwear Shops Guide : Paris

Discover Parisian fashion hotspots with our ultimate shopping guide! Explore top sneaker stores and high-end boutiques in the fashion capital ! 🛍️✨

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The Streetwear Shops Guide : Paris

After an amazing guide on the bustling city of New York, we present to you the ultimate guide for experiencing Paris while indulging in incredible shopping! Let's get started.

House of Innovation (Nike)

Let's start with the obvious - I don't know about you, but when I visit a new city, I always make a mandatory stop at a Nike store. Well, in Paris, you have the largest Nike in Europe! The House of Innovation is located on the most beautiful avenue in the world (Champs Élysées) and is brimming with references on its 4 floors. There's a dedicated section for sneakers on the -1 level of the store, featuring unique models that you can't miss.

picture of the Nike HOI in Paris
Nike HOI


If you're a fashion enthusiast, this name will ring a bell from our New York guide… 🤓. Kith has a single flagship store in Europe, and it's in Paris! Nestled in a luxurious and stunning location, discover the latest in clothing, sneakers, and collectibles. A restaurant is also available at the heart of the store with a breathtaking ambiance! It's definitely a must-visit if you come to the French capital at least once in your life.

picture in the Kith Paris store
Kith Paris

Shinzo Paris

With multiple boutiques on the same street, Shinzo has established itself as the temple of sneakers in Paris. One of their stores is dedicated to basketball, featuring an entire floor filled with the rarest Jordan sneakers you can imagine. Just for the sight, it's worth the visit! Their main boutique also offers a wide selection, whether it's in terms of clothing or sneakers.

picture in the Shinzo Paris store
Shinzo Paris

The Next Door

The Next Door offers everyday fashion essentials as well as renowned designer pieces. You'll find a broad selection that caters to all tastes. They have exclusive brands in their store and can introduce you to new designers or even new sneaker models!

picture in the TND store
The Next Door

Opium Paris

Another pillar of Parisian street culture! Located not far from Shinzo, Opium has stood out with its incredible selection of models from various brands. From recent releases to those that have been out for some time, it's a go-to for sneaker and streetwear shopping in Paris! 💸

picture in the Opium Paris store
Opium Paris


You're all set for the best shopping experience in the fashion capital that is Paris! See you soon in a new guide, and happy shopping from the Retailed team 💙.

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