How to sell on Depop?

How to sell on Depop?

Do you want to make money while making space in your closet? Depop is the site you need to create an easy-to-use online store. It offers the ability to list and sell all types of clothing and accessories. To sell your products on this site, it is important to follow certain steps. Find out in this article how to sell on Depop.

What is Depop?

Depop is a second-hand clothes selling application that is becoming more and more popular among users. It is an application with the combination of eBay and Instagram that allows you to see the images of products that other users offer. Note that the clothes offered are cheaper than in stores.

Depop is very easy to use, much to the delight of users. First, in order to upload the image of a garment that you want to put on sale, you must take a picture of it. Then you will have to write a description of the product and proceed to set the price.

By promoting the uploaded items with Depop on social networks, you have the opportunity to reach more people. This increases your chances of getting customers. Depop is available on both Android and Apple. It is now one of the reference applications in the field of second-hand clothing sales.

How to create a profile?

In order to sell on Depop, it is important to create your profile. To do so, start by creating your account. Simply go to or download the Depop application on your mobile device and click on "Register". After that, you need to fill in your phone number, name and email address.

It is also important to choose a name for your store. It should be catchy and easy to pronounce. It can also be related to the types of items you sell. Don't forget to choose the clothes and their size appropriately.

The next step is to make a description that indicates the type of items you sell (modern, hippie, vintage, etc).

How did Depop find its identity?

In 2013, Simon Beckerman decided to step down as CEO to sit on the board only. Runar Reistrup who joined the company as COO took over for almost 3 years. However, Maria Raga is credited with providing the impetus for the marketplace to find its identity. She is the current CEO of Depop since 2016.

She is of Spanish origin and has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Valencia. She has gained a lot of experience that allowed her to join Depop in 2014. She has built a management team capable of understanding the expectations of Generation Z. In addition, she was able to bring back Simon Beckerman.

The challenge is to think together to find the company's identity. A long reflection process led to a rebranding. As you can see, Depop is a well-organized sales platform that makes money.