How to find good products to resell?

How to find good products to resell?

On the reselling market, it is sometimes hard to find quality products. Due to the huge amount of ads published on the various platforms, it is difficult to find the real deal. If you want to make good purchases, you will have to opt for some simple and effective gestures. Discover in this article how to find good products to resell.

Identifying products on Vinted, Leboncoin, Ebay

To find products in the resell world, you need to access platforms with a good reputation. These include Vinted, Leboncoin and eBay. Vinted is an online community marketplace that allows the purchase, sale and exchange of used clothing and accessories.

Initially dedicated to the sale of women's clothing, the platform has expanded to children's and men's clothing. You will find accessories such as jewelry, handbags, books, toys, etc.
As for Leboncoin, it is a classified ads website created in France in 2006. Finally, eBay is an American marketplace with an online trading website. Created in 1995, it is now a worldwide reference in its sector. These different platforms are solutions that can be effective in finding products in the world of reselling.

Find out about the brand, its history, the key events

In order to unearth wonders, it is important to get information about the brand, the history or the important events. Ideally, you should opt for the latest trends. Don't forget to check the value of the models before making your purchase.

Also, buying a product from a reputable brand is an excellent choice. The history of the product could tell you about its quality. Obviously, significant events are not to be overlooked. For example, an item that has had very high sales during a certain period of time is probably of good quality.

It's a good idea to bookmark brands. If you love a brand because of its reputation, you can follow it closely. On Vinted, just click on "follow". This way, when an ad about it is published, you can receive a notification directly.

Use filters

If you want to refine your search and save time, you can use filters. This allows you to specify the brand, color, size or shoe size you are looking for. You can also indicate the condition of the product you are hoping to find.

Ideally, you should always check "very good condition" to be sure to find wonders. Some users look for a certain type of item without considering the brand. They can simply type in the search bar the style of product they are looking for. This is a trick to find ads that use the optimal keywords in their description.

In summary, to find products in the resell world, you can search on Vinted, Leboncoin or Ebay. It is also important to take information about the brand, the history or the important events and to use the filters.