5 Sneaker Retailer You Should Know

5 Sneaker Retailer You Should Know

It's becoming increasingly difficult to get your hands on the hottest sneaker releases of the year. That's why we're providing you with a list of 5 sites that will increase your chances of snagging a pair. They receive all the latest releases and offer them through either raffles or first come, first served (FCFS). (Our recommendations are based on Europe, and some pairs may not be accessible to you if you're not located in Europe due to retailer contracts with brands.)


BSTN is a German retailer with several stores across Europe, including in Germany and England. They offer a wide selection of sneakers and clothing, including the latest releases. The site has a raffle system where you can register for free by providing some personal information. If you win, you'll have a deadline to pay for your pair via credit card or PayPal.
A wide range of sneakers is available on the site, so if you don't live for hype releases... 😅. But we love these New Balance!

Screenshot from the website of BSTN
Bstn website


Kith is one of the most well-known retailers in the industry! The American shop is also a brand. You can find plenty of stores scattered around the world, including the recently opened Paris and Hawaii locations.

A nice little anecdote: for the opening of the two stores, the first customers had access to purchasing an Air Force 1 collaboration with Kith representing the shop! Check out the "Paris" and "Hawaii" Air Force 1s.
kith af1
Those juicy Kith Af1 😍

Kith offers a wide selection, including luxury clothing. The sales are quite interesting, especially for the most expensive items that go down in price. Kith has an app, where raffles take place. For online raffles, you'll have to pay in advance. If you win, you just have to wait for your pair to arrive, otherwise you'll be refunded within a short timeframe.
Special mention for this Adidas Samba, back in the spotlight with re-released pairs!

Screenshot from the website of Kith
Kith website


Starcow is a French retailer with a shop in Paris. From technical shoes to classy sneakers, they have it all! A wide selection of clothing is also available on their site, which has recently undergone a facelift. As for releases, they are offered either through raffles on a Google form (keep an eye on their Instagram, the raffles will be announced there 😉) or through FCFS on their new site created specifically for that purpose.

We love this brand new collaboration between Nike and the Japanese brand AMBUSH, available in black and white on Starcow!

Screenshot from the website of Starcow
Starcow website


Solebox is a German retailer, just like BSTN. It is linked to MCBY, a subsidiary that is more focused on luxury clothing.

Another nice little anecdote: Solebox has several stores across Europe. Each of these stores in Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona and Amsterdam has a theme! For example, in Barcelona, the store looks like a supermarket. Each store has its own concept!

The site offers a huge range of products and fast delivery. For limited sneaker releases, they are offered through raffles online and in-store on their app, which you can download here. After setting up your account, you can register for sneakers. You only have to pay if you win, just like BSTN, which is really a big plus!
We note this beautiful new New Balance 1906, fresh off the press, available here on the site!

Screenshot from the website of Solebox
Solebox website


And to finish off this list, we present Footdistrict! It is a Spanish retailer with stores in Spain that offers a multitude of clothing, accessories, and especially sneakers. The temple of streetwear in Spain is called Footdistrict 🇪🇸. Regarding major releases, you need to have a Verified account. To get verified, keep an eye on their Instagram page here to stay informed about registration waves ✅.
We love this dunks, you can cop them here.

Screenshot from the website of Footdistrict
Footdistrict website

In conclusion, these five sneaker retailers are a great place to start if you're looking to increase your chances of getting your hands on the latest and greatest sneaker releases. With a range of retailers from across Europe, including BSTN, Kith, Starcow, Solebox, and Footdistrict, each with their own unique offerings, there's something for every sneakerhead out there. Whether you're looking for limited-edition collaborations or simply want to add a new pair to your collection, these retailers are sure to have what you're looking for. So, get browsing, and good luck with those raffles!